The greedling is the most basic and numerous monster in the game, as well as the first enemy to be encountered. They start appearing on the first night, and increase in number as days pass. They are slightly larger and faster than villagers, but they cannot outrun the Monarch on a horse. Their primary goal is to steal as much of the Kingdom's riches as they can, including coins and dropped tools.

If a greedling attacks an archer, builder, or farmer, his tool is dropped and he degenerates into a plain villager. If a greedling attacks a plain villager, his coin is dropped and he degenerates into a vagrant. Any dropped tool is up for being taken away by greedlings, but it can be retrieved by villagers as soon as there is a clear path.

If a greedling attacks the Monarch, a coin is immediately dropped from the coin purse for each hit. A single greedling is limited to about one attack per second, but since there is no limit to how many hits the Monarch can take in a second, 20 greedlings hitting the Monarch at once drops 20 coins. If the Monarch has no coins left to drop, the crown is dropped instead, launching in the opposite direction from the attack. Any greedling who comes in contact with the dropped crown instantly picks it up and triggers game-over. As greedlings usually attack in groups, this can be quite problematic and may lead to dangerous situations.

The best protection against greedling swarms is to fortify your walls to the highest upgrade possible and, as is the case with most other enemies, acquire a great number of archers to mow them down with more arrows than they can handle. Catapults are also extremely effective against large groups of the Greed, and can easily wipe out an entire horde if the Catapult launches at the right time. Ballista towers are also extremely useful as they can fire a projectile capable of dealing damage to a large number of Greed.

Masked Greedlings Edit

Some greedlings wear certain types of masks, which increase the amount of hits it takes to kill them. Different masks make for higher hit points, and once enough hits are made on the NPC the mask falls off and one more hit will kill it. Masked greedlings still die with a single catapult or ballista shot no matter the mask type.

Trivia Edit

  • The greedlings and crown stealers are the only ones who can capture the crown.
  • The greedlings seem to have skull masks.
  • It is unknown where they got the skull from.

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