Ghosts are the souls of past monarchs that come to help new monarchs at the start of their reign. A ghost is encountered by the Monarch at the start of the game on the right side. The ghost notably wears the colors of the previously played monarch, and has a crown.

The ghost helpfully shows the Monarch how to recruit subjects, buy tools, and construct buildings before disappearing with the memorable instructions: "Build, expand, defend".

newlandsIcon NewLands New Lands: At the start of every new island after the first island, if the Monarch goes the wrong way from the shipwreck, a ghost appears and points the monarch to the direction of the area to light the campfire to start the town center. As of the new update they also say: "Come".



  • The ghosts are the only characters who are confirmed as dead in entirety of the Kingdom series, other than the corpse next to the warhorse. Abducted subjects don't count since their fate is left unknown.
  • It is unknown how the past monarchs have died (see Theories for more information.)

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