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Ghost is the soul of past Monarch that come to help their heirs at the start of a new reign.

The Ghost notably wears the colors of the previously played Monarch, and has a crown.


The Ghost helpfully shows the Monarch how to recruit subjects, buy tools, and construct buildings before disappearing with the memorable instructions:

King Ghost Come

A king's ghost calling the Monarch and pointing to the campfire place.

Build, expand, defend.

Build, expand, defend. 

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – At the start of every new island after the first, the Ghost appears pointing out the direction to the area to light the campfire. If the Monarch goes the wrong way from the shipwreck, the Ghost follows the Monarch and points to the good direction, saying: "Come".

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – The Ghost can be seen on any campaign island giving instructions about rebuilding destroyed walls, giving coins to the Banker, etc.

Skipping tutorialEdit

It's possible to skip the initial Ghost's tutorial by holding the same key for paying coins at the first scene where the Monarch appears in the land. In Two Crowns though, this command is only accepted if the basic tutorial has been completed at least once on that save file. Each time the save files have to be deleted, the basic tutorial has to be followed once more. A fix for this may come with future updates.[1]


Ghosts are the only characters who are confirmed as dead in entirety of the Kingdom series, other than the corpse found next to the warhorse. Although, it is unknown how past monarchs have died (see Theories/Ghost).


Date Game Platform Version Change
Aug 29, 2019 Two Crowns All 1.0.4 FIX / BUG: Ghost tutorial is now less intrusive/forcing and other general fixes and improvements.


This tweak though wasn't enough to prevent a considerable amount of negative feedback from players. One year after the annoying expanded and non-skippable tutorial has been introduced, devs have acknowledged it as a bad behavior.[1]


April 9, 2019 Two Crowns PC 1.0.4 - R6761 NEW / BUG: Expanded tutorial.


A kind of expanded tutorial was a demand from a few newcomers since Two Crowns day one.[2]

The patch 1.0.4 - R6761 introduced this feature in an optional beta branch on April 9, 2019, that went to public branch without official notes from developers on early July. The following two months before the official and public release of patch 1.0.4 would collect a considerable amount of negative feedback from players, some of whom had never opted in to the beta test.[3] The Ghost would lock all Monarch(s) paying-coin actions forcing them to spend coins in a way that could be annoying, less advantageous, or game breaking.[4]

Since the public patch 1.0.4 was out, the most severe glitches seemed to be fixed, but the fact that (unlike in New Lands) players wouldn't be allowed to immediately skip the tutorial, would continue to raise criticism.[5]


Feb 2, 2019 Two Crowns All 1.0.4 FIX: Client player should no longer get stuck in loading screen if accepting an invite from a host player in the tutorial.
Mar, 2017 New Lands Apple Logo 1.2.5 FIX: Fixed issue where tutorial tip would trigger early.
Feb 20, 2017 New Lands All 1.2.3 NEW: Extended tutorial to help new players.
Oct 21, 2016 New Lands All 1.0.4 NEW: Increased tutorial Ghost speed and improve the leading behavior.
Aug 9, 2016 New Lands All 1.0.0 Introduced.


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