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This article details the Geography of the islands. Every island generally has a dock at one extent of the kingdom and black cliffs at the other extent. The Kingdom always starts from the open plains at the centre and expands outwards, through the forest to the cliffs. The islands generally have two different biome-zones: forest and plains. For the most part, different naturally-generated structures occur in the two biomes.

Forest Biome Edit

Forests make up the majority of the land. Forests are dark, with lots of tree coverage, a mossy ground cover, and no 'edible' grass for grazing at. Forests do contain boulders, streams, and dirt mounds, but they are unavailable for construction upon until the monarch orders the area deforested by builders. Only the few trees at a forest's border can be cut down.

Deer can spawn in the forest, but rabbits cannot. For further details see Wildlife.

Structures that may occur naturally in the forest include:

  • A tributary waterfall with the stag
  • The den of the bear
  • A fantastic cherry tree with the unicorn
  • Mounds, boulders, & streams

The forest is typically a dangerous place at nighttime. Without grass, mounts cannot regain their stamina. All mounts have a slower gallop in the forest, save for the Stag. When chased by monsters, a monarch with no coins and an exhausted steed will most likely lose the crown.

Plains Biome Edit

After the edge of a forest is felled, it is slowly replaced by plains biome. The buffer of fellable trees moves inwards, and the kingdom is allowed to expand. Boulders, streams, and dirt mounds can only be constructed upon in the plains.

  • The grass grows enough for any mount to graze and restore its stamina. Travel is easy across the plains.
  • Rabbit dens spawn in any grassy parts of the plains unless it's wintertime. These grassy areas stop growing near any structures a kingdom has built on.
  • Vagrant camps and the Merchant's settlement disappear if the trees around are cut. These structures cannot exist within the open plains.

If there's a clearing in a forest, it can be widened enough for walls & towers to be built there, effectively including some forest within a kingdom.

Structures that may occur naturally in the plains include:

  • A hitch post with two alternative horse mounts
  • An abandoned battlefield with the warhorse
  • Mounds, boulders, & streams

Other Island Features Edit

The Black Cliffs, found at one end of the Kingdom. The terrain is very rocky, and the Giant Cliff Portal is embedded in the cliff's face.
See main article: Portals#Cliff Portal
The Dock, found at the opposite end from the Cliffs. The Monarch can leave the island once the Ship reaches this place. This becomes an increasingly long journey as the Islands get larger.
See main article: Boat#Push to the Sea
Decorative wooden bridges that appear in the forest.

Naturally Occurring Structures Edit

Every Island is filled with a selection of structures and landmarks, some of which have to be unlocked first.

Always Available:

Starting Campsite: Always near the center of the island. The base of operations for the Kingdom.
Signpost: Appears in the forest. The Monarch can spend 2 coins to unlock one discovery the island has to offer.
Vagrant Camps: Around 1-4 camps will appear in each island depending on each islands. Vagrants gather there for the Monarch to recruit for 1 coin each.
Shipwreck: Repairable to a fully functioning boat for a total of about 138 coins. The Kingdom's only way to progress to new lands.
Portals: Spawns the Greed at night time. Can be destroyed via a successful attack from the Kingdom. Once destroyed, can be remade into a teleportation portal. The number of portals increases with larger islands.
Cliff Portal: Always at one end of the Kingdom. Spawns the Greed at night time. Can be destroyed temporarily, but always repairs itself.

Sometimes Available:

Architecture Shrine: Allows the Kingdom's structures to be upgraded to stone. Only absent on the first island.[1].
Shrines: Provide blessings to the Kingdom's units and buildings in exchange for an offering of 4 to 12 coins.
Hermit's Cottage: Spawns the Hermit, who allows old, unused towers to be reconstructed into special structures.
Mount Zones: Allow the Monarch to switch to another mount residing in the zone.
Dog: Is stuck under a tree; drop a coin nearby to free them.

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