Two Crowns

This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.
For the character storing coins, see: Banker.

The Gem Keeper[1] is a merchant banker who store gems. Like the Merchant and the Banker, he is a neutral character, who can not be attacked by the Greed.

Stone cofferEdit

The Gem Keeper stores the gems in a stone coffer for the price of one coin each gem, to be paid at the withdrawals.

One stone coffer is always found by the central wharf of each island when the town center has been upgraded to castle keep. The shady merchant banker though only appears if the Monarch has entrusted at least one gem at the coffer.

If the coffer is not yet protected by walls, the Gem Keeper will act just like the Banker, hiding during nightime. But if the Kingdom has expanded enough incorporating the central wharf he will be available at any time.

There is no way to query how many gems have been hoarded without withdrawing them all and depositing them back into the coffer.

In cooperative mode, both Monarchs have access to the same gem account.

The gem bank is useful to:

  • free space in the Monarch's pouch;


    So its entirety can be used for coins; only really carring gems right before unlocking a new feature.


  • keep gems safe against greedlings;


    Especially useful if going to explore the woods.


  • keep gems safe if the Monarch loses the Crown (or the Crowns in co-op);


    In this case, all gems will be available for the next heir to withdraw them.


  • transfer gems between islands.


    The Gem Keeper takes the burden of carrying the deposited gems to the next island the Monarch travels to. Arriving there, these gems can be withdrawn for the same price of one coin per gem, from the time that town has also reached the required tier.



Date      Platform Version Change
Apr 4, 2019 All 1.0.3 Introduced.


  1. Or Gem Storer.
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