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Gems are a secondary currency, used to unlock mounts, hermits and statues.

To acquire gems, monarchs must find and open gem chests. The total amount of gems in gem chests is less than the amount required for all the unlockables. [1]

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Just like coins, gems are collected and stored in the Monarch's purse, and greedlings are able to steal gems left on the ground.

When you are hit by a greed or if you drop your belongings, coins are prioritised. But then, if you have no coin left, gems will drop (and then the crown).

Unlike coins (which disappear after 30 seconds), gems will never disappear if they are dropped on the ground. Also, subjects won't collect them. Only greedlings can take them from you. [2]

Stolen gems[edit | edit source]

Gems stolen by greedlings on an island are recovered after the cave of that specific island has been destroyed: all gems stolen on that island are spat out of the cliff portal with the bomb detonation.[3] The Monarch though must escape the bomb explosion in order to collect them. See related bug.

Unrecoverable[edit | edit source]

Gems in the pouch are lost for good if the Monarch loses the crown (or the crowns, in co-op).

Gems dropped in a safe place (at the Town Center of a Kingdom with multiple walls on both sides, for example), are lost for good if the Monarch travels to another island or loses the crown (or the crowns, in co-op). The island may be found again with some walls untouched by decay, but not the gems once dropped there.

Gems spat out of the cave with the bomb detonation are lost forever if the Monarch does not get out in time.

Gem chest[edit | edit source]

Gem chest x6.png

Occasionally, there is a gem chest in the ruins instead of a coin chest. If the Monarch is not running at full speed past it, the chest will open up and spill out two to three gems. After collecting the riches, the chest disappears permanently.

It may be wise to not immediately collect from a gem chest as gems lower the capacity of the pouch for coins.

Gem Keeper[edit | edit source]

Stone Chest.png

The Gem Keeper is a merchant banker who stores gems. Like the Merchant and the Banker, he is a neutral character, who can not be attacked by the Greed.

Stone coffer[edit | edit source]

The Gem Keeper stores the gems in a stone coffer for the price of one coin each gem, to be paid at the withdrawals.

One stone coffer is always found by the central wharf of each island when the town center has been upgraded to castle keep. The shady merchant banker though only appears if the Monarch has entrusted at least one gem at the coffer.

If the coffer is not yet protected by walls, the Gem Keeper will act just like the Banker, hiding during nightime. But if the Kingdom has expanded enough incorporating the central wharf he will be available at any time.

There is no way to query how many gems have been hoarded without withdrawing them all and depositing them back into the coffer.

In cooperative mode, both Monarchs have access to the same gem account.

The gem bank is useful to:

  • free space in the Monarch's pouch;

  • keep gems safe against greedlings;

  • keep gems safe if the Monarch loses the Crown (or the Crowns in co-op);

  • transfer gems between islands.

Unlockables[edit | edit source]

There are nineteen unlockable features, including statues, hermits (with their special tower upgrades), mounts and technologies. They are all listed below along with the number of gems required to unlock them (between parentheses) and the island they're unlocked on. A few that do not require gems are not followed by any number.

The precise amount of gems found on each island is listed on the second column. The total of gems available in all islands is thirty-five, and the amount required to unlock all features is thirty-eight gems, which makes impossible to unlock them all, even if the Monarch lose no gem. This leads the campaign to a situation where well choosing the Kingdom's features should always matter.

Island Gem icon.gif
26?format=originalGem chest.png
Statue Hermit Mount(s) Technology Other
1st 0 Archery (3) Ballista (3) Griffin (2)
2nd 8 Scythe (1) Stable (1) Stag (1) Stone Dog
3rd 9 Building (3) Bakery (4) Warhorse (2)
Draft horse (1)
4th 9 Knight (2) Bear (3), Lizard (3) Iron
5th 9 Knights (2) Horn (3) Unicorn (4)
Gem icon.gif available: 35 Total required: 38

Achievements[edit | edit source]

On the Ninth Day.jpg

Acquiring a gem by day IX grants the "On the Ninth Day" achievement.

History[edit | edit source]

The gems system has been introduced to replace the signpost. People didn't always understand the previous unlock system and, because of it, thought there was not that much unlockable content in Kingdom: New Lands. It was often left locked.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Since version 1.0.1 (Xbox and PS4): There is no way to recover stolen gems.

References[edit | edit source]

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