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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The gamigin is a mount unlocked on the first island of the Dead Lands campaign.

It is comparable to the griffin and to the wolf. To the griffin because it can eat anywhere to recover stamina, and it's unlocked with one gem on the first island. And it is similar to the wolf due to its charge attack and ability to damage portals.


Charge attack[]

Trigger for the special ability
PC 1st P L.Shift while standing still
2nd Player G
Mobile Swipe up
N. Switch ZL or ZR
Xbox Right trigger
PS4 L2 or R2

The main ability of the gamigin is to charge applying damage to any kind of greedlings and wildlife, but it can only hit and damage 3 creatures in one charge, if it hits more than 3 greedlings, or if they are masked, they will instead be sent flying stunning them for a short time, do note they will be sent flying to the direction the player is facing. The cooldown is very fast in a similar fashion to the wolf's one. It will not stun or knockback floaters, breeders, or leapers.

Gamigin Charging.gif

Caution is advised when hunting deer around small portals, as the damage can trigger inactive or exhausted portals. Of further note is the charge uses up your stamina, so you can easily charge a group of greed and end up unable to retaliate from the greed you sent flying.

When there are two Monarchs present, one of them can consider risking their crown to use the gamigin to take on breeders attacking the walls or to attack portals by themselves, even without soldiers.

gamigin destroys small portal without the help of soldiers.

gamigin Knockback Breeder

Eat anywhere[]

The secondary ability is that it can graze on any terrain as the griffin does.

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