The Kingdom games are notable for their minimalist gameplay that has a handful of controls.

Starting a brand new game the monarch will be guided by a sparkling trail in Kingdom: Classic and by the Ghost in through a simple tutorial in which the basic controls will be taught. This tutorial is adapted to each platform and its controls.

Game controlsEdit

The following control scheme concerns:

Steam Logo PC (keyboard)
Move left A or 2nd player: H

Used keys on an American keyboard
Move right D or 2nd player: K
Sprint Double tap move button, or hold Shift while moving
Drop Coin icon S or 2nd player: J
Pay Coin icon (to circles) Hold S or 2nd player: hold K
Mount special Left Shift while standing still 2nd player: G
Monarch special Hold W or

📱 Mobile
Move left Drag left
Move right Drag right
Sprint Drag all the way right / left
Drop Coin icon Tap or swipe down
Pay Coin icon (to circles) Drag down
Mount special Swipe up
Monarch special Swipe up with 2 fingers

Switch Logo Nintendo Switch
Move left Directional left
Control NSwitch

N.Switch controller
Move right Directional right
Sprint L or R
Drop Coin icon A, B, or D-pad down
Pay Coin icon (to circles) Hold A
Mount special ZL or ZR
Monarch special L, R, or D-pad up

Xbox One Logo Xbox One
Move left Left thumbstick left
Control Xbox

Xbox controller
Move right Left thumbstick right
Sprint Right trigger
Drop Coin icon A, B, or D-pad down
Pay Coin icon (to circles) Hold A
Mount special Right trigger
Monarch special LB, RB, or D-pad up

PlayStation Logo PlayStation 4
Move left Thumbstick left
Move right Thumbstick right
Sprint LZ or RZ
Drop Coin icon X, O, or D-pad down
Pay Coin icon (to circles) Hold X
Mount special LZ or RZ
Monarch special L1, R1, or D-pad up

Some mobile versions of New Lands feature touch controls with a virtual game pad. Other devices will accept physical extra controllers as seen in this case.

Character customizationEdit

King and Queen

The King wears the Crown and a coloured cape while the Queen wears a Tiara and coloured dress.

Players choose their monarch's appearance when first starting the game. By pressing the S or button (or by tapping the screen in the mobile version) during the loading screen, sex, skin colour, and the colour of the cape or dress will be randomised, letting the player decide on their preference. Once selected, players cannot change their character unless they start a new game.

Players also get their character a banner with random tinctures, ordinaries and charge after they establish a camp in game. The colour of the banner will be the same with the colour of the character's cape or dress.

PC – The pause screen allows the player to alter the banner manually. For details, see Coat of arms.


This section is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

Boat Sailing

Once on board:

  1. press ESC to open the map
  2. use ← left and → right to choose the wanted island
  3. when the big arrow is over the wanted island,
    click the “Continue” button to confirm

As long as the player doesn't skip it, the boat travel scene appears to be indefinite. At some point even the music will end, leaving just the sounds of the sea.

Challenge IslandsEdit

Challenge islands menu
Two Crowns

This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

To access a challenge island:

1. Press Esc to open the menu
2. Click "Challenge Islands"
3. Click:

The crowned skull for the Skull island
The greed-citizen for the Plague island
The wolf teeth for the Dire island.


When there is public test beta branch available, this is how to access it:

  1. Right click “Kingdom Two Crowns” in your Steam library
  2. Go to properties
  3. Go to the “betas” tab
  4. Select “public-test” (or anything similar) in the drop down menu
  5. Restart Steam.

In order to experience balance changes you will need to start a new campaign.

Alt-tab without pausingEdit

New Lands

This section is about Kingdom: New Lands on Windows.

Waiting for the boat to reach the dock can take several in-game days and this generally happens when Monarchs have done every task they had to do on that island. In moments like these, even if players spend some time appreciating the music and the pixel-art, they may end-up considering being away from keyboard (AFK) a suitable method to deal with the lack of in-game tasks.

On all platforms, players are limited to stop playing while letting the game open. On Windows though players can alt-tab to other applications without pausing the game. Follow the steps below to keep the game running even when it's unfocused:

  1. Have the game on windowed mode rather than full screen


    1. Press Esc
    2. Click "Options"
    3. Uncheck "Full Screen"


  2. Click the game's icon in the Windows taskbar
    (if the music keeps playing, you know that the in-game time is passing)

You can now alt-tab from the game—and to whatever application you want—during the boat pushing or while going for the Day C achievement without pausing the game.


For instructions on how to access local co-op (split screen) and online co-op (full screen), see: Co-op.


Options scr

The Options panel for Kingdom: New Lands

The game options (image at the right) are self-explanatory, with the exception of blazon setting, explained here.

The player is able to choose zoom, sound and music levels.

The language options are English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, and Danish.

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