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This strategy page is a brief introductory guide to the Kingdom series.


Across all three Kingdom games the main objective is the same: keep the crown safe. To do that you need to defend against the Greed by gathering coins, recruiting subjects and building defenses.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – Defend your kingdom against growing herds of Greed as you take down the portals they spawn from. When the last portal is down, a big counterattack wave will follow; if you survive it, you win.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – Move through the lands collecting unlockables to make survivability easier and rebuild the boat to escape each island before it gets overrun by the Greed, which cannot be permanently killed.

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – Move across the five islands looking for unlockables to make your kingdom stronger and eventually take down the portals. You win when all islands are secure.


Getting a stable, reliable income is one of your most important tasks. If your income is too low you won’t be able to upgrade and hire enough subjects to keep the Greed at bay.

The main income in all three titles is hunting. Your archers will shoot wildlife during the day, generating coins. Creating big plains outside of the outer walls is your best bet at getting a sizable and reliable income.

You can also build farms from streams and hire farmers to work the fields. It’s a reliable income, but costs a bit to set up and is limited by the number of streams.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – The tax chest provides a daily income that differ according to the town center tier.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands and Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – On some islands there is a Merchant who will bring you a small amount of coins each day. It’s a reliable income even during winter, even if it’s not much.

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns (Europe) – Pikemen will fish on the riverside during the day. Although they’re not the best at defending the walls or making money, they’re one of the few sources of income during winter.


There are many unlockable features in the games, all of them giving you some benefit. Mounts have different speed and stamina, some even have abilities, statues will give you boosts, hermits will unlock new upgrades and the shrine and the mines give you access to higher tier buildings. You can find the unlockables in the forests, and it’s often useful or even necessary to unlock them if you want to survive.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – The only unlockable feature is the stone technology.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – Before you can find any unlockables in the forest, you have to buy maps from the signpost. Doing so will let one new feature spawn on your next island. Every island has it’s own set of possible features that can be unlocked, once they are, they can spawn anywhere.

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – Each island has a set of unlockables. Unlike the other games you need gems to unlock them, but when they're unlocked they last forever, across all islands.

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