Forests make up the majority of the land. Forests are dark, with lots of tree coverage, a mossy ground cover, and no 'edible' grass for grazing at. Forests do contain boulders, streams, and dirt mounds, but they are unavailable for construction upon until the monarch orders the area deforested by builders. Only the few trees at a forest's border can be cut down.

Deer can spawn in the forest, but rabbits cannot. For further details see Wildlife.

Structures that may occur naturally in the forest include:

  • A tributary waterfall with the stag
  • The den of the bear
  • A fantastic cherry tree with the unicorn
  • Mounds, boulders, & streams

The forest is typically a dangerous place at nighttime. Without grass, mounts cannot regain their stamina. All mounts have a slower gallop in the forest, save for the Stag. When chased by monsters, a monarch with no coins and an exhausted steed will most likely lose the crown.



Trees are randomly-generated structures in the world which can be commonly found outside of the Monarch's kingdom. Areas with more than one tree count as a forest biome where the mounts movement is generally slower and constructions cannot be conducted.

Trees can be cut down by builders if the trees are marked with one coin, after which an "X" marking will appear carved in the tree's trunk. After a builder cuts down the tree, it will disappear and the builder will earn 1 to 2 coins that they return to the Monarch (although in Kingdom: Classic the builders return only 2 coins even after collecting more). That area of land is then designated part of the plains biome, and grass patches begin to expand along it.

Builders will not cut down trees if located too close to a small portal but will however go out right after it is destroyed leaving them vulnerable to the counterattack wave if the wave comes from that side and the marked trees are far from the walls.

Vanishing StructuresEdit

Merchant huts and vagrant camps will disappear once either of the nearest tree west or east of it has been cut. If the Monarch is attempting to recruit as many citizens as possible, it is best not to tear down trees next to camps as this will remove said camps. Other areas such as portals and hermit huts will not disappear. Background and foreground foliage will also gradually disappear if trees are cut, allowing construction of walls, towers and farms.

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