A central dock deep inside the forest.

Forest[1] in Kingdom is an area between two trees on the foreground far enough from each other to form a grove on the background. These areas can be commonly found outside of the Kingdom and make up the majority of unexplored lands.

Dangerous place[edit | edit source]

Ninjas ready for ambushing the Greed in a Shogun forest

Forests outside the Kingdom are typically dangerous places for several reasons:

  • Forests are dark even during the day. This, combined with the dense vegetation, makes any incoming Greed more difficult to spot.
  • Forests have a mossy ground, not edible for mounts. Without grass most mounts cannot recharge stamina, being forced to stop galloping and walk.
  • Mounts have a slower gallop in there, save for the stag and the beetle.
  • Constructions cannot be conducted in a woodland.
  • The further into the forest, the farther from the town with its walls and towers.
  • Hunters won't venture themselves into the woods.

In short, it is risky exploring forest areas, especially if beyond small portals past noon. When chased by monsters in the forest, a monarch with no coins and an exhausted steed will most likely lose the Crown.

Tree and deforestation[edit | edit source]

Some autumn trees in Europe

Tree is the basic structural unit of a forest.

Forests can be shrunk and even completely wiped out, but only the few trees at the left and right borders of the forest area can be removed at a time. How deep are these "borders" it's usually up to a point where the sunlight can still illuminate the environment. When these trees at the border have fell, the forest in the background foliage will gradually disappear, allowing more trees to be removed.

Trees can be cut down by builders if marked with one coin, after which an "X" marking will appear carved in the tree's trunk. After a builder cuts down the tree, it will disappear and the builder will earn one to two coins that they return to the Monarch.

Once the sky is clearly seen in the background that area of land is then designated part of the plains biome, allowing construction of walls, towers, and farms, and grass patches begin to expand along it.

Builders will not cut down trees if located too close to or behind a small portal but will however go out right after it is destroyed leaving them vulnerable to the counterattack wave if the wave comes from that side and the marked trees are far from the walls.

Classic.png Kingdom: Classic – Builders return only two coins even after collecting more.

Two Crowns icon.png Kingdom Two Crowns – Some larger trees in Europe take more hits to fall, and sell for up to three coins.

Forest structures[edit | edit source]

Structures that may occur naturally in the forest include:

Shrines Classic.png New Lands.png Two Crowns icon.png
Statues Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Architecture shrine Yes.png Yes.png No.png
Stone mine No.png No.png Yes.png
Iron mine No.png No.png Yes.png
Coin chest No.png Yes.png Yes.png
Gem chest No.png No.png Yes.png
Stone coffer No.png No.png Yes.png
Signpost No.png Yes.png No.png
Merchant settlement No.png Yes.png Yes.png
Vagrant camp Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Hermit cottage No.png Yes.png Yes.png
Christmas tree No.png Yes.png No.png
Buildable upon Classic.png New Lands.png Two Crowns icon.png
Mound (for wall) Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Boulder (for tower) Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Stream (for farm) Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Shipwreck No.png Yes.png Yes.png
Mounts' habitats
Tributary waterfall with the stag No.png Yes.png Yes.png
Den of the bear No.png Yes.png Yes.png
Cherry tree with the unicorn No.png Yes.png Yes.png
Fontain with the lizard No.png No.png Yes.png
Small portals Yes.png Yes.png Yes.png
Classic.png = Kingdom: Classic New Lands.png = New Lands Two Crowns icon.png = Two Crowns

Vanishing structures[edit | edit source]

Merchant settlement and vagrant camps will disappear once either of the nearest tree west or east of it has been cut. If the Monarch is attempting to recruit as many citizens as possible, it is best not to tear down trees next to camps as this will remove said camps. Other structures such as portals, chests and hermit huts will not disappear due to deforestation.

Buildable spots[edit | edit source]

Forests do contain boulders, streams, and dirt mounds, but they are unavailable for construction upon until the Monarch orders the area to be deforested by builders.

Teleporters can be built on top of small portal's remains, while the teleporter permanent link can be built on any empty space (on top of bridges, for example).

Shops for weapons like the forge may appear on empty spaces inside a forest if an outer wall has been built beyond that forest portion, making it part of the Kingdom.

Wildlife and hunting[edit | edit source]

Deer appear in the forest during all seasons except winter. A mother boar appear in the woods during the winter in Two Crowns. For further details see Wildlife.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Easter Island.jpg

Clearing a huge section of woodland (the entire island in Two Crowns) grants the achievements:

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Boscage, woodland, or woods.
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