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A central dock deep inside the forest.

Forest[1] in Kingdom is an area between two trees on the foreground far enough from each other to form a grove on the background. These areas can be commonly found outside of the Kingdom and make up the majority of unexplored lands.

Dangerous place[]

Forests outside the Kingdom are typically dangerous places for several reasons:

  • Forests are dark even during the day. This, combined with the dense vegetation, makes any incoming Greed more difficult to spot.
  • Forests have a mossy ground, not edible for mounts. Without grass most mounts cannot recharge stamina, being forced to stop galloping and walk.
  • Mounts have a slower gallop in there, save for the stag and the beetle.
  • Constructions cannot be conducted in a woodland.
  • The further into the forest, the farther from the town with its walls and towers.
  • Hunters won't venture themselves into the woods, except if there's an outer wall on the other side.

In short, it is risky exploring forest areas, especially if beyond small portals past noon. When chased by monsters in the forest, a monarch with no coins and an exhausted steed will most likely lose the Crown.

Tree and deforestation[]

Some autumn trees in Europe

Tree is the basic structural unit of a forest.

Forests can be shrunk and even completely wiped out, but only the few trees at the left and right borders of the forest area can be removed at a time. How deep are these "borders" it's usually up to a point where the sunlight can still illuminate the environment. When these trees at the border have fell, the forest in the background foliage will gradually disappear, allowing more trees to be removed.

Trees can be cut down by builders if marked with one coin, after which an "X" marking will appear carved in the tree's trunk. After a builder cuts down the tree, it will disappear and the builder will earn one to two coins that they return to the Monarch.

Once the sky is clearly seen in the background that area of land is then designated part of the plains biome, allowing construction of walls, archer towers, and farms, and grass patches begin to expand along it.

Builders will not cut down trees if located too close to or behind a small portal but will however go out right after it is destroyed leaving them vulnerable to the counterattack wave if the wave comes from that side and the marked trees are far from the walls.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – Builders return only two coins even after collecting more.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – Some larger trees in Europe take more hits to fall, and sell for up to three coins.

Forest structures[]

Structures that may occur naturally in the forest include:

Shrines Classic New Lands TC16
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Architecture shrine 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Stone mine 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Iron mine 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Coin chest 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Gem chest 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Stone coffer 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Signpost 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Merchant settlement 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Vagrant camp 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Hermit cottage 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Christmas tree 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Buildable upon Classic New Lands TC16
Mound (for wall) 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Boulder (for tower) 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Stream (for farm) 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Shipwreck 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Mounts' habitats
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Den of the bear 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Cherry tree with the unicorn 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Fountain with the lizard 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Small portals 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Classic = Kingdom: Classic New Lands = New Lands TC16 = Two Crowns

Vanishing structures[]

Merchant settlement and vagrant camps will disappear once either of the nearest tree west or east of it has been cut. If the Monarch is attempting to recruit as many citizens as possible, it is best not to tear down trees next to camps as this will remove said camps. Other structures such as portals, chests and hermit huts will not disappear due to deforestation.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – As of the Conquest Update, the Monarch has the option to build a citizen house in the place of a vanished vagrant camp.

Buildable spots[]

Forests do contain boulders, streams, and dirt mounds, but they are unavailable for construction upon until the Monarch orders the area to be deforested by builders.

Teleporters can be built on top of small portal's remains, while the teleporter permanent link can be built on any empty space (on top of bridges, for example).

Shops for weapons like the forge may appear on empty spaces inside a forest if an outer wall has been built beyond that forest portion, making it part of the Kingdom.

No clearings[]

This section is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

"Good luck traversing a map-size forest with the initial horse because can't eat in that biome and has the stamina of a 90 year old life-long smoker."[2]

Look for clearings, they can be used to build past the camps.[3] 

A forest with no clearings is a woodland that extends, uninterruptedly, without a single patch of plain, from the town center surroundings up to one of the island extremities, either to the cliff or to the dock portal.

Sometimes RNG will give me an island with a forest from my settlement all the way to the cliff/dock portal. These often have vagrant camps near my settlement, meaning I can't clear them from my side (or else put myself in an unwinnable state), but clearing them from the other side involves a trek for my workers over a day long.[4] 

This sometimes can happen due to the random land layout generation. This type of forest is known to impose certain difficulties while expanding the kingdom boundaries. There's nothing players can do to avoid it. And there's very little they can do to adapt to it. One of the issues a forest with no gaps can cause is that it leaves Monarchs with only two options while expanding:

  • Monarchs can start deforesting from the town, and plough through the entire forest, until they have enough space inside the kingdom to allow shops like the siege workshop and the forge to appear, or until they can build an outer wall from where it would be safe to launch assaults to the cliff or dock portals.

This certainly is the most obvious decision, but it could cause a Merchant settlement to vanish, or even worse, make one or more vagrant camps to disappear. So the bad consequences of this option would lead players to consider a second one, less evident:

  • Monarchs can start deforesting from one of the extremities of the island, all the way to a point where it's safe to build the first outer wall—away from the town—on that side of the island.

For players with average experience this can be easily done on the first and second islands. For well experienced players it can be done with some planning on the third island. But on the fourth and fifth island this is extremely tricky, if not impossible, particularly in Two Crowns where islands are much larger.

No clearings in Two Crowns[]


This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Now 90% it's just nonstop forest.[2] 

The size of islands in Kingdom Two Crowns is huge if compared to the lands in the previous titles. That could explain why players have expressed more anguish and anger whenever they have to face this type of layout in Two Crowns.[4] On top of that, the patch 1.1.9—the "Never Alone" update, on April 2021—has widened islands even more, but apparently without tweaking the percentage of forests or the number of gaps in the landscape generation to adapt to the new sizes. Since then, some players started seen this layout more as a flaw in the game design, rather than just an acceptable bad RNG.[5]

As of the Conquest Update, the Monarch has the option to build a citizen house in the place of a vanished vagrant camp. Hence the issue of no clearings becomes less troublesome.

Wildlife and hunting[]

Deer appear in the forest during all seasons except winter. A mother boar appear in the woods during the winter in Two Crowns. For further details see Wildlife.


Easter Island.jpg

Clearing a huge section of woodland (the entire island in Two Crowns) grants the achievements:



Date       Game Platf Version
May 25, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.11
FIXED: An issue that caused the island underbrush to move in front of other game layers.
Apr 20, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.9
BALANCE: Made forest sections bigger. Increased the variety of bridges and clearings inside them.
BUG: Vegetation inside the forest is so dense that players can't even see their mount.[6][7]
Jan 14, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.7
FIXED: A multiplayer bug that could cause background forest to remain even after cutting down trees.
Aug 29, 2019 TC16 All 1.0.4
Denser feeling forest.
Feb 20, 2017 New Lands All 1.2.3
FIXED: Autumn trees from not autumn'ing.
Dec 21, 2016 New Lands All 1.2.0
Tweak wind shader for trees to render faster.
Apr 11, 2016 Classic Steam Logo 1.2.0
FIXED: Visuals getting stuck after saving & loading in forest.


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