The floater is a flying insect-like greed monster that can abduct and consume up to three townspeople. Unlike the standard greedlings that are usually killed in one hit, floaters require more shots from archers before dying. They first appear during the third Blood Moon, and become more common as days pass, taking part in the usual nightly raids. Their goal is not to take the Kingdom's stuff, but to take its people.

Floaters ignore dropped coins and tools, with their only purpose being to abduct the Kingdom's townsfolk. Floaters fly slowly towards the center of the Kingdom until they target a townsperson, then they swoop low to gather them up then return to floating towards the center of the Kingdom. Once two subjects are captured, the floater turns back towards the nearest portal to disappear with its prisoners. If it does not succeed in finding two villagers, it will return to the portals after reaching and bumping into the castle.

Abducted townspeople can be freed if the floater is killed within a few seconds of being captured. For a few seconds, they'll lie prone in a heap, but then resume normal activity.

Floaters, like breeders, ignore the return of the day and will continue to attack until all of them are dead or filled, creating trains of floaters extending for a good part of the day in winter, preventing any unit to leave the walls of the Kingdom.

The best protection against floaters is catapults, ballistas, or heavy arrow fire. Catapults and ballistas always kill floaters with a single shot, which makes them useful against these creatures if their shots can be timed right. Archers perched in fully-upgraded archer towers also serve to protect ground troops from floater attacks, as floaters prioritize abducting archers posted to towers. As with other enemies, having as many archers as possible helps to minimize the damage done by floaters during an attack.


Trivia Edit

  • Like everything else that goes through the portals, the fates of subjects captured by floaters is unknown. Given the reaper-like appearance of the floaters, however, the subjects are most likely killed (see Theories for more information.)
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