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Fish is a type of wildlife that swims in the river occupying the foreground and will occasionally jump out of the water and back into it again.

Classic Kingdom: Classic & New Lands New Lands – They cannot be hunted and do not affect gameplay.



This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

A ninja fishing

They will be hunted randomly by the pikemen or ninjas during the daytime, and drop one coin when caught. Fishing is, along with foraging and boar hunting, one of the few sources of income during the winter.


A pikeman fishing

The announcement of fishing in Kingdom Two Crowns happened on the launch trailer shared by Raw Fury five days before the release of the game, on 6 December 2018.[1]

In a very short kind of post-credits scene, two pikemen appear wandering by a castle keep, and one of them stops to catch a fish from the river, turning it into a coin. The novelty would have received an overwhelming appreciation on the community, as seen on the two most upvoted comments on the original video page:

sees feudal japan setting / Not bad
sees griffin and fire breathing croc mount / Very nice
sees spearman fishing / Game of the year right there. [2]

The spearmen can catch fish.
Perfection 👌 [3]

Date       Game Platf Version
Nov 3, 2020 16?format=original All 1.1.5
FIXED: pikemen won't stab the ground anymore when fishing.
Mar 29, 2019 16?format=original All 1.0.3
NEW: ninjas in Shogun will be able to fish during the day.
May 12, 2020 16?format=original All 1.1.3
FIXED: pikemen would flicker out of existence while fishing.
Dec 19, 2018 16?format=original All 1.0.1
FIXED: pikemen would fish double money in online co-op.
Dec 11, 2018 16?format=original All 1.0.0
Introduced as a huntable wildlife.

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