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Farmer is a subject who generates a reliable income for the Kingdom by working on a farm.

During the winter in Two Crowns they also help the economy by foraging berry bushes.

They seem to wear a bandana and they carry a backpack.


The scythe vendor is required to hire farmers. It is unlocked at the town center third tier, the wooden fortifications.

Once unlocked, it appears just outside the innermost wall (on the right side in Classic and New Lands).

In Two Crowns the Monarch has to set up at least one more wooden wall beyond the inner most wall for the vendor and his stall to show up.

A scythe can be purchased there for for five coins each in Classic and four coins in New Lands and Two Crowns. Up to four scythes can be waiting on the tool rack at a time. If a villager picks up a scythe, he is assigned to being a farmer.


A water well built on an open field.

The Monarch has to order the allocation of farmland for the farmers to do anything, otherwise they stand idly at the town center. Potential farmland is around a water stream in an open field. It appears as a small waterfall. The costs to set up a basic farmland area and to upgrade it are specified below:

+5 Coin_icon in Classic Water
+8 Coin_icon Mill
+3 Coin_icon in New Lands & TC16

At day, a farmer will plow and work his field near the waterfall. By nightfall, if the farmer's respective farm hasn't been upgraded to have a shelter built, the farmer will walk to the center of town. If there is a shelter, the farmer will idle inside it at night, whether it's safe or not. For the farmland to be safe, it need to be protected by walls.

A farmer is limited to one field at a time, and no other farmer works at that field. Four coins in Classic and four to six coins in New Lands and Two Crowns can be expected from each harvest.


Classic Kingdom: Classic – Without winter, farms are productive as long as the Kingdom holds.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – When winter comes, farm production slows to a halt. About a day after first snow, farmers abandon their farms and return to the center of town. A couple days later, they throw their scythes in the river and wait for new roles as idle villagers.[1]

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – As all other seasons, the winter lasts for sixteen days, during which farmers cannot work the land. They keep their tools though, waiting for new orders.



This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.


During winter, berry bushes will produce wild berries. These bushes tend to grow in groups of four by the outer wall of the Kingdom; and the Monarch can invest one coin to call up to four farmers to harvest these bushes. Each bush will yield three to four coins per harvest, so the Monarch can get between twelve and sixteen coins in total, minus the coins used to start the tasks.

The farmers work on the bushes pretty fast and the Monarch can reinvest the one coin a couple of times in the same day. They can return to the nearest mill houses to rest during the night, if those have been built. If not, farmers will have to return all the way back to the town center, making the foraging activity much less productive (or even impossible) if the Kingdom is already too large by the begining of the season.

Unlike the bunnies den, berry bushes do not wilt if they are surrounded by walls. This makes the winter a good time to expand the Kingdom frontiers to incorporate the berry bushes, allowing the farmers to forage them without risks.

Berry bushes found deep in the woods can be foraged, even if they're completely covered with trees. This can be particularly useful if that side of the Kingdom is already cleared from the Greed. It can also be handy if the island is cleared (cave was bombed, there's no more greed on the land), and the Monarch is rehiring knights, archers and builders eventually lost in the cave assault, and collecting coins to get an overflowing purse, and travel as soon as the winter ends.

Trivia: the foraged coins animation has been updated. The coins no longer "fall from the air" as shown in the image, but they seem to come from the bush.

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  1. In winter they can't work. So they will always switch jobs to prevent the situation where the player is left with a bunch of idle farmers.—explains the game creator Noio on Reddit, on 2 September 2016.