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The dock is a structure present on all islands, except the Skull Island. It is the place where the boat is pushed to, after being reconstructed by the builders. And it is where the Monarch can board with the crew to a new island.

There is always a small patch of green grass by the dock where mounts can graze.

The Dock's directionEdit

Finding the direction of the dock is one of the main task for the Monarch who wants to plan and optimize the establishment of the Kingdom. It can easily be determined without exploration by beginning the repair work on the ship. Whichever way the prow is pointed only after the initial ten coins have been paid is sure to be the way that the boat will be pushed once it is in the water.

Another useful way to tell the direction of the boat requires the Monarch to have an odd number of knights onboard (either 1 or 3 knights). When leaving any island with an odd number of knights, the side with the higher number of knights (1 knight if only 1 knight is brought along, or 2 knights if 3 knights are brought along) will be the side to the coast where the ship is heading. Although this way requires no resources or material when begining the journey on an island, it does require the Monarch to beat at least one island in that run, so he/she can get a hold of the knights needed.

Trivia Edit

  • If the Monarch is hit and loses their crown near the end of the dock, there is a slight chance for it to fall into the sea, with no chance of recovering. Thus the game is lost.

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