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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The wolf (or dire wolf) is the starter and the only mount available on Dire Island.

Charge attack[]

The wolf is a good hunter that can kill all rabbits and deer within its range with only one charge.

In this aspect it is similar to the bear, with a longer range and a bit more stamina.

It can kill a few unmasked greedlings within its range with one hit, but not all of them. The fact that some greedlings can survive its charge, makes it very risky to rely on its attack for protecting the wolf pup, even on the first nights. On late-game waves it's useless for defense. See history note.

Unlike the bear it can damage portals. Caution is though advised when hunting deer around small portals, as the damage can trigger inactive and exhausted portals.

During the rest buff, it can charge a few times in a row without getting tired.


The wolf howls when it sees the moon. Howling it can rest, recharging its stamina and receiving the rest buff; i.e.:

Usually it only howls once per nighttime, but if it has done any charge attack after howling, and the moon is still there, it may howl a second time to fully recharge before the dawn.



Date       Platf Version
Apr 28, 2020 All 1.1.2
Nerfed / bugged: the wolf can no longer kill all unmasked greedlings within the range of its charge attack. It kills only a few of them, making it useless even for the very first nightly waves of the first island.

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