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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Dire island x2.png

The Legend of Fenrir lives on and you must protect the only pup!

Defeat cond. The pup is captured

Pawn single icon Single
21?format=originalTravel to 2 lands[N 1]
21?format=originalTravel to 5 lands
21?format=originalTravel to 10 lands[N 2]
21?format=originalOnly feral rulers will find this crown!

Pawn co-op icon Co-op
21?format=originalTravel to 2 lands and each pay for at least 10 ship pieces
21?format=originalTravel to 5 lands with a full ship and each pay for at least 20 ship pieces
21?format=originalTravel to 10 lands with a full ship and each pay for 30 ship pieces
21?format=originalOnly for feral and logistical rulers!

Dire Island is a challenge island where the Monarch rides a wolf and has to protect its pup, while escaping with them through as many islands as possible.

Raw Fury description[]

With the new Dire Wolf mount as your aid, protect its pup at all costs. No crown, no monarch. No pup, no monarch! Now build the boat and try to escape as you run to as many islands as possible before the inevitable.Raw Fury [1]

Island layout[]

Dire montain.png
Mines Stone icon Stone 20?format=original [Bug 1]
24?format=original Iron 20?format=original [Bug 1]
Statues 20?format=original
Mount Dire wolf
Dog Wolf pup
Hermit 20?format=original
Vag. camps 2
Merchant 20?format=original
Chests 20?format=original Coin chests 3
26?format=original Gem chests 20?format=original
Boat Has to be fully paid


The stone and iron technologies are available on every Dire Island. Once paid for each type, their respective tech will be activated for all next islands.[Bug 1]


Dire wolf.png

For the default mount on this island, see: Dire wolf.

Wolf pup[]

Wolf Pup.png

The wolf pup follows its mother from the beginning.

It behaves exactly like the dog, barking in the direction of any incoming Greed and being especially useful before Blood Moons.

The main difference is that the pup cannot be rescued, as the defeat screen is triggered instantly the moment a greedling touches it. So the wolf charge is only useful before this moment.

Co-op – Both Monarchs have to keep their pups. If one Monarch loses their little wolf, the challenge is over.

Note that the Monarch can still lose the challenge if a greedling takes the Crown, however, losing the pup is a lot more likely to happen, given the pup's position that's not fully controllable and the fact that it can be taken even if the Monarch has coins in the pouch.

For tips on how to protect a pup, see: Dog § Keeping it safe.


Unlike the campaign, the number of portals is the same on every island.

Spanning the islands[]

The Dire Island is for speedrunners. Each coin spent on anything not absolutely necessary, means one coin not invested (or delayed to be invested) on the boat, which probably means the Monarch will not travel to as much islands as he/she could. The major distractors are:

  1. the Banker

  2. the stone technology on the very first island.

  3. the iron technology for the first islands.

  4. the town center for the first island.

  5. farms

  6. destroying portals

  7. towers and pikemen

Blood Moons take place with the same frequency of those in Classic and New Lands—i.e. every five to six days—followed by the usual truce.

There is an overall day count, as in the Two Crowns campaign, making waves and Blood Moons harder as the days pass. However, waves tend to be easier during the first two days on each island, giving the Monarch enough time to build stone walls when it becomes necessary. Even on Blood Moons, only greedlings and masked greedlings spawn, without breeder, floater or crown stealer.

Cursed crown[]

Crown Cursed big.png

Pawn single icon Single playerOnly feral rulers will find this crown!

To get the cursed crown in Dire Island in single player mode, the Monarch has to travel to the tenth island, i.e. use the boat nine times (gold crown requirement) and to kill a certain amount of greedlings with the wolf's charge. If the required amount of greed is killed before traveling to the tenth island, the Monarch will receive the cursed crown instead of the gold one when traveling there.[2]

Pawn co-op icon CooperativeOnly for feral and logistical rulers!

[ ? ]


These are the current speedrun world records for the gold crown held on Dire Island: [3]

Rank Player Time Date VID
1st xSpitez 1h 25m 7 Sep 2020 🎥
2nd Ameneko
1h 34m 31 Jul 2020 🎥
3rd Captain Stanhope 1h 38m 25 Apr 2020 🎥

Currently all records were held on PC on the European setting.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Once paid for the stone and iron mines, if they are activated for all next islands, the expected behavior is that these mines do not reappear on next islands or, if they do, they should have at least the aspect of activated mines and not accept coins at all. But since the release of Challenge Islands up to the current state of the game, the mines on next islands still have their natural appearance and accept coins. This can confuse inexperienced monarchs, and make them spoil their resources unnecessarily.


  1. Entering the challenge already counts as the first travel. Therefore, travelling to the second island already grants the bronze crown.
  2. Once the Monarch has travelled to nine lands, acquiring the gold crown, it is still possible to visit new islands.


  1. Challenge Islands are here! 29 August 2019.
  2. As shared by the speedrunner One-Dragon and confirmed by the developer Gordon on Reddit, on November 2020.
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