Two Crowns The information on this page pertains solely to Kingdom: Two Crowns.

Decay is the deterioration of an island during the days the Monarch isn't there.

Day countEdit

Day count overall

The overall day count: 242.

Islands in Two Crowns are persistent, i.e., they won't reset neither when the Monarch sails away from them nor even if the crown is lost. Instead of this, time goes by and decay happens slowly.

The decay period is related to the overall day count (the number showing up right on the pause menu screen - see image). If the Monarch loses the crown, an heir will keep up the Kingdom from the first island. The overall day count is reset, and an additional decay, equivalent to 100 days, is applied to all previously unlocked islands.

Decay still happens after defeating the Greed on an island, confirming that it is caused by time and not (or not only) by the greed.

There are handicaps for the first two islands, making the decay less severe there.[1]


It does not affect:

  • Villagers: no villagers will lose their coin;
  • Towers: no towers will be destroyed, and the archers will remain there

Dealing withEdit

The more protected you let an island when you leave, by having a lot of strong walls, the best it will resist decay while you'll be away. An iron wall can survive thirty days.[1]


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