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Midday Sun on a wide plain: the Monarch lets the horse graze in peace outside the Kingdom walls in New Lands.

Daytime in Kingdom is the period of the day during which the Sun lights up the sky, Monarchs' domains are found in relative peace, and townspeople can do their daily job.

Although the concept of daytime can commonly appear on sentences through the word "day" (as in the expression during the day, for example), it is easy to recognize the "daytime" idea, because it's distinguished from nighttime. "Daytime" is much less ambiguous than the word "day".

The exact beginning of the daytime period may vary according to the parameters used to define "daytime":

  • if it's when the Greed stops attacking (end of wave) and townspeople start working (morning bell),
  • if it's with the early twilight (dawn) when sometimes the stars can still be seen in the sky, or even
  • when the number of the new day appears on the screen.

These things may or may not happen together.

End of wave[]

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This section may be outdated due to a recent update.

Daytimes are preceded by nights, and nights are normally marked by waves of Greed. Waves end when all of their monsters have either died or fled back to portals. If the wave is not defeated during nighttime, a few different behaviors can be observed according to the type of monsters, and the type of waves.

Types of monsters[]

Types of waves[]

As nightly waves are composed by greedlings only (except in the extremely late Two Crowns campaign and on Plague Island), this type of wave can't go beyond twilight. After a regular wave, morning bell, dawn, and number of day, all happen together.

As Blood Moons may have breeders and floaters in their composition, this type of wave will keep pushing into daytime, especially if the Kingdom defenses are weak. If a Blood Moon isn't defeated during nighttime, dawn and number of day will happen together, but the morning bell will wait for the annihilation of the wave.

In counterattack waves (after destroying any type of portal) no Greed can ever retreat because this type of wave disrupt the day-night cycle by making the Sun completely disappear from the sky the moment the portal is taken down, and by allowing the next sunrise only when the wave is defeated.[3][4] If a counterattack wave isn't defeated during nighttime, the number of the new day appears at the scheduled time, but dawn and morning bell will only take place when the wave is completely exterminated.[5]

Morning bell[]

The clanging of the bell marks the social beginning of daytime in Kingdom. It proclaims and celebrates that the last wave has been defeated. Townsfolk will only leave their siege posts when they hear the morning bell. This is how citizens know, all over the Kingdom, that the last wave has been disbanded, that they have survived one more battle, and that they can start their diurnal activities.

The relative peace and the citizens' work tend to occur simultaneously. Sometimes though (commonly when the Kingdom defenses are much stronger than the Greed assault), waves are defeated perceptibly before dawn, in which case the morning bell won't ring earlier because of that. In Kingdom, if it's dark, it's dangerous.

So the morning bell is the ultimate clue to determine if a new working daytime has started. It won't clang before dawn, and it will never be heard if there's still greed harassing the Kingdom. When it rings, the whole Kingdom is sure to have that relative peace so crucial for the daily activities.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands & 16?format=original Two Crowns – An autosave is triggered each time the morning bell rings.

The Sun[]

The visible trajectory of the Sun in Kingdom forms an arc that starts on the left side of the horizon at dawn, reaches its highest point in the sky at noon, and ends on the right side of the horizon at sunset.[6] During daytime the Sun should be more or less visible from plains, depending on the clouds, mist, rain, and snow.



Dawn marks the beginning of solar daytime in Kingdom.[7] It happens a few seconds before sunrise, and starts the atmospheric phenomenon called twilight, when the Sun, not yet directly visible, softly illuminates the sky. With good weather—not misty, cloudy, rainy, or snowy—the moonlight and the stars are still visible at this moment. On plains, with the regular hilly and cliffy horizon, the dawn lasts for around twenty seconds, then the Sun rises.

This is when the lizard can start sunbathing, providing it's on plains, and not during winter. And this is when the wolf will no longer be able to howl.

The morning, before noon, is the ideal time to discover the landscape, recruit civilians, activate statues and shrines, especially if those are located beyond a portal.


Wharf at noon.png

Noon is when active portals, that have been exhausted since the last scheduled wave, recover their ability to recognize hostile presences, remaining on this state of alert until the moment when the Greed wave has been fully launched.

Past noon the Monarch risk triggering defense waves, and even being caught by the scheduled wave.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – Several of these mechanics were changed as of the Conquest Update. As they have not been described in the patch notes, it's uncertain if they are intentional or part of a bug.


At sunset all the diurnal activities will cease, and the Kingdom will prepare against another wave. All military subjects will have assumed their defensive positions by the end of dusk in small reigns, and before midnight in the larger ones.

Length of daytime[]

The day-night diagram below shows the length of one entire day in in-game minutes (min) and seconds (s). The daytime period is highlighted on green:

Mobile-light.png?format=originalMobile-dark.png?format=original Mobile users can see the diagram on the desktop version of this article.

Counterattack waves only, and nothing else, can disturb the rhythm of the Sun.

Number of the day[]

Day ci.png

The big number that appears in the sky early in the morning.

For further details, see: Morning day number.

Diurnal activities[]

The diurnal activities are all the tasks done by the Kingdom citizens that depend on the relative state of peace announced by the morning bell. Below is the list of such occupations.

Subjects' non-military tasks[]

  • Archers will move from behind the outer wall and start hunting (if it's not winter) or patrolling
  • During hot seasons idle farmers on the town center start being available for new farm fields
  • During winter in New Lands idle farmers on the town center may throw scythes on the river; in Two Crowns they start being available for foraging
  • Farmers already assigned to a field around a water well will start heading to their crops
  • Farmers under a mill house or a stable will go to their respective farm plots
  • Pikemen will break up the defensive formation to start wandering around and occasionally fishing
  • Ninjas will change equipment at the dojo to start wandering around and occasionally fishing.

Note that builders will not wait for the morning bell to start working. They try to accomplish a Monarch's order as soon as it's received, even if it's for going on the wilderness during the night.

Unique characters' tasks[]

  • The Banker will show up by the campfire, and be available for deposits and withdrawals.
  • The Merchant in New Lands and in Two Crowns will be available to accept payment and to deliver coinage.
  • Hermits will accept that the Monarch take them away from the Kingdom, out side the walls.
  • The Gem Keeper whose stone coffer is located outside the walls will show up on his place, and be available for receiving and returning gems.


  1. That said, further conclusions like "they couldn't resist sunlight", should be avoided. Greedlings summoned by breeders during the assault past dawn will endure the morning sunlight normally. Also when portals are too far from the Kingdom borders, the assault may be launched when it's still day, for the wave to get to the walls at midnight. Greedlings in these cases will resist the afternoon sunlight normally. The reasons why they retreat at dawn though can be discussed on the theories page.
  2. Since update 1.1.3.
  3. Defeating the greed that spawns after attacking a portal would trigger "BecomeSafe" every time, thus giving you the bells and chest.— Game creator Noio on Reddit. 23 March 2016.
  4. To observe the disappearance of the Sun, the Monarch should be on plain when the portal is destroyed (not in the woods babysitting the assault). See it in video: here the assault is launched, and here, forty-five seconds later, the Sun disappears.
  5. See the day number with no Sun and no bell during a counterattack wave in this video.
  6. TRIVIA: From this trajectory of Sun, it's possible to state that, if the Kingdom lands are located on Earth, they're certainly on the Northern Hemisphere.
  7. According to one of the colloquial definitions of "daytime" in real life, as the time period from first-light dawn to last-light duskDay § Colloquial (Wikipedia). Or yet similar to the "solar day", but following ancient customs that considered a new day start at the rising of the Sun on the local horizonDay § Apparent and mean solar day (idem).