Throughout the reign of the Kingdom, the Sun and Moon will rise and set, and with time comes the changing seasons and the conditions they bring. Each Kingdom starts in spring, and slowly progresses into winter. These mechanics heavily affect the behavior of NPCs within the game.


Day and night cycle.

Day-Night CycleEdit

The Day is a length of time in which the player is at relative peace from most threats and is the safest from the Greed. If possible, archers will hunt outside kingdom walls and Portals are mostly inactive. Conversely, night comes when the moon traverses the skies above. The Greed begin to appear from their portals in the late afternoon or evening, so that they may reach the kingdom roughly when night begins. Knights and archers will retreat behind the furthest kingdom wall with the presumption of attack by Greed. Meanwhile, idle builders outside of the kingdom will hurry back but builders with tasks assigned ignore the coming of night and to continue their labors faithfully.

One day-night cycle lasts about four minutes in total with two minutes for the day, and two for the night. A day begins with the ringing of bells, unless there is an ongoing large Greed attack, during which dawn comes without the sound of bells, and there is semi-darkness until the land is safe again. Daytime is when the Monarch may collect coins from the Merchant and the Banker, if either is available. If any greedlings are still present from the previous nightly attack, they will retreat to the nearest portal. However, breeders and floaters will never retreat, and will linger throughout the day. Any Greedlings spawned by breeders are also exempt from retreating. All Greed creatures spawned due to post-portal-destruction or the finale wave after destroying all portals in Kingdom: Classic will never retreat.

The Four Seasons Edit

There are four seasons in newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands. Meanwhile, in classicIcon Classic Kingdom: Classic there are various types of weather but no seasons.

Spring Edit

Every Kingdom starts in Spring. Green grass grows and trees have green leaves. Wildlife spawns, and farms work well. Occasional rain.

Summer Edit

Wildlife and tall grasses spawn naturally, and farms work at peak perfection. Animal spawns become more frequent as more tall grass generates. No rain. The Kingdom can generate income to its full potential, and should either stockpile coin with the Banker during this time or work on reconstructing the Boat.

Autumn Edit

Tree leaves start to turn red. This is useful for signalling the impending coming of winter.

Winter Edit

Winter Farm

On about the 25th to 53rd day (incrementally depending on the island number, respectively), the lands gradually fade into winter, and troubled times start to fall upon the Kingdom. Snow begins to fall and coat the ground, freezing away many of the tall grass bushes and destroying all rabbit dens. Deer also cease spawning from the forest. The Kingdom river starts to freeze over. Winter does not end until the start of the next Island.

There is also a major impact on farm activity. For the first couple of days, crops take a little while longer to grow and mature. After that, the running water in the stream freezes, and crops start to die. The now-jobless farmers return to the center of town. After few more days pass, farmers give up and throw their scythes into the water, preferring any other tool available.

Almost every source of income diminishes to zero, with the exception of merchant shipments and banker interest if money is stored there. Therefore, winter survival becomes incredibly more difficult but plausible. Nightly raids from the Greed will regularly become more intense as usual, so the Monarch will be more heavily pressed than ever to escape the island.

Since snow has replaced the grass on the floor, the Monarch's Mount cannot benefit from the Well-Fed Buff from grassy patches anymore, therefore making travel harder. Furthermore, losing people is much more costly, because of the very fragile economy (and all other problems that come with a loss of income).

Survival During Winter Edit

Stockpiling for Winter

Surviving winter to a point is certainly possible, if difficult. The Steam achievement denoting the survival of Day C is certainly motivation for many.

Focus should be put into farming early on, as it is the most consistent money source. A fair amount of hunters and large tracts of open plains makes for hunters hauling in purse loads of coin each day. The Kingdom should exploit every source of income possible and stockpile everything with the Banker. The Keep can hold a total of 101 coins (unlimited in New Lands), which on top of any merchant shipments (if he exists that land) can last well into winter.

A strong defense against the Greed should also be set up; however, if the Kingdom is lacking funds and the strongest, outermost wall falls, the rest of the Kingdom will inevitably follow within a few nights. If the Kingdom has stockpiled coin in the summertime, it should be able to recover from several strong attacks before dying. It also helps, if possible, to keep the Greed's mother portal in the cliffs incapacitated after all the other portals are destroyed.

Miri it is while sumer i-last
With foulës song;
Oc now neghëth windës blast
And weder strong.
Ei, ei, what this night is long,
And Ich with wel michel wrong
Sorwe and murne and fast.

-- Medieval poem; appears on the "Mighty Ballista" Steam trading card

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