Throughout the reign of the Kingdom, the Sun and Moon will rise and set, denoting the alternation of day and night.

One day-night cycle lasts about four minutes in total with two minutes for the day, and two for the night.


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A day begins with the ringing of bells, unless there is an ongoing Blood Moon or Counterattack wave, during which dawn comes without the sound of bells, and there is semi-darkness until the land is safe again.

The day is a length of time in which the Monarch is at relative peace from most threats and is the safest from the Greed. If possible, archers will hunt outside Kingdom walls and portals are mostly inactive.

Daytime is when the Monarch may collect coins from the Merchant and the Banker, if either is available. If any greedlings are still present from the previous nightly attack, they will retreat to the nearest portal. However, breeders and floaters will never retreat, and will linger throughout the day. Any Greedlings spawned by breeders are also exempt from retreating. All Greed creatures spawned due to post-portal-destruction or the finale wave after destroying all portals in Kingdom: Classic will never retreat.

The exact moment that day begins is when the number of the new day appears on-screen. At this moment, if the night's attack was an ordinary one, greedlings will flee and breeders (In Two Crowns, these only appear in normal waves on Plague Island, or in the extremely late game) will instantly die.


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We'd better get back because it'll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night. Mostly.—Newt, on Aliens (1986)

We'd better get back because it'll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night. Mostly.Newt, on Aliens (1986)

Conversely, night comes when the Moon traverses the skies above. The Greed begin to appear from their portals in the late afternoon or evening, so that they may reach the kingdom roughly at midnight. Knights and archers will retreat at dusk behind the furthest kingdom wall with the presumption of attack by Greed. Meanwhile, idle builders outside of the kingdom will hurry back, but builders with tasks assigned ignore the coming of night and continue their labors faithfully and, perhaps, foolishly.

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The progression of time also causes:

  • the changing of the weather
  • the progression of seasons in New Lands and Two Crowns
  • the effects of decay in Two Crowns.
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