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A day-night cycle, a full day, a new day or simply a day in Kingdom is the period of time encompassing one daytime period and the following nighttime.[1]

Length of a day[]

In real life, a civil day begins at midnight, i.e. 00:00, and lasts 24 hours until 24:00 (i.e. 00:00 of the next day). In Kingdom, a day begins with dawn (in orange on the diagram below) and lasts for about four real life minutes in total. The day-night diagram below shows how this length of time is shared between daytime (highlighted on green) and nighttime (marked on blue). The time units used are in real life minutes (min) and seconds (s).

Mobile-light.png?format=originalMobile-dark.png?format=original Mobile users can see the diagram on the desktop version of this article.

For further details about the exact beginning of day, see Daytime.

Day counting systems[]

Day count per island[]

Day count per island in New Lands and Two Crowns or simply day count in Kingdom: Classic, is the counting system that that keeps track of the amount of days passed from the Monarch's arrival on a new land up to the current in-game day.

Resetting the day count per land[]

Classic Kingdom: Classic – The day count is reset when starting a "New Game" and generating a new land, either after losing the Crown (and hitting "restart"), after surviving the final wave, or by simply chosing "New Game" from the game menu.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – The number of days will reset each time the Monarch travels to a new island. Even if the same Monarch visits the same level again, a new island with a new landscape will be found; and the counting of days will also be reset. As the seasons also reset when traveling, the day count is a good reference to foresee when winter will hit that island (as shown here).

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – As islands are persistent throughout the campaign, the day count per island is never reset, neither with travels, nor if Monarchs lose their Crowns. Only starting a new campaign would lead the Monarch to a new five-island archipelago, restarting the counting of days per island.

Overall day count[]


This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The overall day count: 242

An additional, separate day counting system is displayed in the top right corner of the pause screen showing the total number of days for the entire campaign.

The overall day count may have the same value of the day count per island if the Monarch hasn't traveled yet, and hasn't lost the Crown.

Resetting the overall day count[]

Day number on UI[]

Both day counting systems can be tracked by the player through the user interface (UI). The day count per island, in some places of the UI; and the overall day count only in one place. The table below summarizes this distribution, and gives links to the sections describing each space.

Day count per island Overall day count
Classic New Lands TC16 Classic New Lands TC16
Morning number 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Pause screen 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Historic plaque 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Stats board 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original

Morning day number[]

Day ci.png

The morning day number (or simply the morning number) is a large, black, pixelated Roman number that shows the counting of days for the current land high up in the sky.

It marks the technical beginning of daytime in Kingdom.

It is taken into account by all achievements related to a specific day. For example, the "On the First Day" achievement, present in all titles of the series: the Monarch has to recruit eight archers before the number of the second day appears. Likewise, all the "Survive past day N" in Classic and the all the "Survive Day N" in New Lands. To survive day C, the Monarch has to keep the Crown until the number of day CI shows up, no matter if the Sun has appeared or not, or if the morning bell has rung or not.[2]

Day number on pause screen[]

Pause menu day count in Kingdom: Classic.

Classic Kingdom: Classic & New Lands New Lands – The number appearing on the beginning of the day is replicated on the top right of the pause screen, and can be accessed any time by the player. There is a Sun shaped icon beside the pause screen number, clearly associating it with the dawn/sunrise event. In Classic, the pause screen number is written with black letters over a woody background with the Sun icon on the left. In New Lands the Sun icon is on the right of the number, which are all, number and icon, white and with no background.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – The number appearing on the top of the pause screen does not replicate the morning number, but it tracks the overall day count for the Monarch. As of a recent update (most likely the Conquest Update) the morning number appears written on the map icon on the lower right corner of the pause screen.

Day number on historic plaque[]

The historic (commemorative or memorial) plaque appears on the most prominent moments of the Kingdom, marking with golden fireworks the number of the current day in Roman numerals on a decorated wooden tablet. The plaque appears on the top, along with a short sentence on the bottom which will vary according to the type of event:

Event Quote
Lose the Crown* No Crown,
No King/Queen.
Survive final wave Classic
Set sail in New Lands
The Crown is Safe.
Set sail in TC16* Build, Explore, Defend, Conquer![3]

* There is no yellow pyrotechnics when traveling or losing the Crown in Two Crowns.

Day number on stats board[]

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – The total number of days the Monarch and their heirs (if any) have spent on an island will appear on the stats board as "DAYS PLAYED", after destroying the cave of that island.

Day counting with companion apps[]


This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Daeg-Mael.png Optionally, players can use separate apps such as the unofficial companion app Daeg-Mael to track days and seasons.

See also[]

The progression of time also causes:

  • the changing of the weather
  • the progression of seasons in New Lands and Two Crowns
  • the effects of decay in Two Crowns.


  1. EDITORS NOTE: All instances of the word day on expressions that consider the full length of a day-night cycle as a whole unit of time, equivalent to the twenty-four hours of a day in real life, like in "the 2nd day", or "each five or six days", or even "the day C achievement", should link to here. While expressions that mean the time with sunlight, in opposition to "nighttime", like in "during the day", should link to Daytime.
  2. Day C achievement on day CI morning in video.
  3. Since the game release, it was Build, expand, defend. The update 1.1.9 changed that, by replacing the directive "expand" with "explore", by including the new instruction "conquer" along with an exclamation mark, and by shifting the text format from sentence case to title case. The former quote had been borrowed from the Ghost tutorial, while the new one is more connected with the Two Crowns campaign objective.