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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.


Daeg-Mael (Anglo-Saxon for "day measure") is an unofficial companion app that helps dealing with the day-night cycle and seasons in Two Crowns.

The app is developed by AbFarid.


Quick feature rundown:

  • Shows current season
  • Shows days left till winter
  • In winter, shows days left till spring
  • Shows precise time till sunset/sunrise
  • Convert Roman numerals into Arabic numerals
  • Can be installed as offline native-ish app

Full list of features and instructions.


Season tracker[]

Enter your current in-game campaign day (shown in the pause menu) using the in app buttons (or keyboard; only valid Roman numerals):

−i / +i jumps a day backwards/forwards
−xvi / +xvi jumps a season backwards/forwards

You can now see your season related information:

  • Current day in Arabic numerals
  • Current season
  • Days left till winter starts/ends

Day tracker[]

If you'd like to use automatic day progression and/or see daytime countdown to know precise time, use the countdown timer.

Timer buttons:

Start - Starts or resumes the countdown
Pause - Pauses the countdown
Stop - Stops and resets the countdown
Reset - Resets and starts countdown immediately (useful for readjusting timer)


Access the web app on desktop or mobile browsers.

Installation as native(ish) app for offline use[]

The web app can be installed onto your compatible device (Windows/Android/iOS) as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Doing so enables offline usage of the app.

Desktop - Google Chrome[]

With Google Chrome, go to the web app and:

  1. Open the browser's menu (the vertical ellipsis )
  2. Click "Install Daeg-Mael"
  3. Confirm with "Install"

This immediatelly opens the app in a separated special Chrome tab, that runs the app offline. It also adds a shortcut so you can access the app any time clicking ⊞ Win and searching for 🔎 "Daeg Mael".

Mobile - iOS[]

On iOS, open the web app in Safari and:

  1. Tap the "Action" button (a square with arrow pointing upwards)
  2. Find and tap the option + "Add to Home Screen"
  3. (Optional) Rename the app, and
  4. Tap "Add"

This will close Safari and add the web app icon to your Home Screen.

Optionally, if you're on a mobile device (Android/iOS) you'll see a button with an LED icon, that will enable the always-on display (AOD). This will remove the unnecessary UI element and keep your screen awake untill you press the button again. There's a basic OLED screen burn-in protection enabled, where the content will move around once a minute.

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