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The crusher is a type of greed monster unique to the Norse Lands setting. It is a heavily armored crab-like creature. They start appearing around the 30th night, usually alone with greedlings during retaliation waves and Blood Moons, and eventually coming in packs even during regular waves.


Crushers move slower than greedlings, yet faster than breeders. It can sustain more damage than regular greedlings, mostly because its shell makes it invulnerable to arrows when its moving. Crushers don't actively steal anything, but the greedlings following it will take care of any coins or tools left on the ground.

When approaching a wall (and possibly the Monarch), crushers will charge forward at high speed, becoming fully invincible. While charging, they knock subjects to the ground, empty a large portion of the Monarch's coin purse, and knock archers out of any archer towers they pass by. Note however that a high enough tier archer tower will retain at least some archers. The crusher's charge is halted when it reaches a wall or collides with defenders forming a shield wall. If this wall is tier three or higher, the crusher will be stunned (similarly to the boar) and fully vulnerable for a short period of time, after which it will charge again. After taking around twenty hits, it will collapse. if all the greedlings accompanying the crusher are defeated, then sometimes the Crusher will retreat back to the nearest Greed portal, instead of attacking the Kingdom.

Crushers seem to replace floaters entirely in Norse Lands (at least until the end of the third year).

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