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Coins are the unit of currency in Kingdom, with which the Monarch can purchase, build, upgrade, and acquire many things.

Coins are stored in the purse.


There are many ways to obtain coins. The most fundamental and continuous ways to make money is through farming and hunting. Meanwhile, logging and searching for coin chests in ruins in the wilderness are noteworthy one-time methods to get coins.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – The Monarch can depend on daily income from the tax chest until later in the game.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands & 16?format=original Two Crowns – Funding the Merchant is a secure income source when he can be found. Also, coins can be gradually earned from the Banker as daily interest.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – It's possible to get some money from fishing, foraging, and killing the boar, all valid methods for the winter.


Most actions in the game require coins to do. Coins are used to recruit vagrants, purchase tools and weapons, build & upgrade various structures around the Kingdom, and to order various tasks be done (such as logging or ordering an assault on a portal). In New Lands and Two Crowns, coins are needed to repair the boat and leave the island.


Other than for spending, coins can also be used as a buffer against direct attacks from enemies which would otherwise cause the Monarch to lose the Crown, the subjects to lose their weapons and tools, and the villagers to go back to being a vagrant.

All subjects (except knights) and the Monarch will lose one coin for each point of damage they receive from the Greed. For example, a greedling can apply one point of damage each time they bump against someone, making them lose one coin per hit. A punch from a breeder however would make a monarch lose more than twenty coins per hit.

The coins lost from a damage received can drop on the ground or in the river. The coins dropped in the water are lost for good. Those dropped on the ground can be stolen by a greedling or recovered by the Monarch or the subjects.

Only knights can sometimes avoid losing coins when attacked; for details, see: Knight § Personal protection.

Each type of subject can hold a different amount of extra coins.

Furthermore, coins can be dropped behind fleeing townsfolk to protect them from attacking greedlings — they prefer whatever is closer: stealing dropped objects (coins, weapons, tools or the Crown) or attacking people. In many situations, especially against greedlings, if the direct attack cannot be avoided (by a wall, for example), it's better to drop coins before being attacked, because coins dropped from a physical attack may fall in the river and not satisfy the attacker, who will keep charging.


Subjects pockets[]

Most commonly, coins "disappear" because subjects pick them to use for their personal defense, and to deliver them to the Monarch when the mount walks by them. Those coins are actually safe and are very useful in that situation.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – All subjects, including villagers and builders, are able to pick up more coins than what they can hold. Those coins grabed beyond their holding capacity are lost as soon as they're picked up, as townspeople will never drop them back to the Monarch. Villagers and builders, as subjects with the lower holding capacity, are therefore those used to "destroy" more coins.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands & 16?format=original Two Crowns – All extra coins held by the crew are consumed during the travel. See the details on Boat § Currencies.

Vanishing with time[]

Coins left on the ground despawn after half a day in the game, or exactly after two minutes (2 min) in real life.

Tip: This time is equivalent to the vagrant appearance rate, which makes worth leaving at least one coin on camps when there are no vagrants on there. If the coin is not grabbed by a greedling, nor taken by any other subject, the next vagrant should appear on the camp and grab the coin before it disappears.

Stolen through portals[]

Coins can also be stolen by greedlings, the only type of Greed able to pick them up. In this case, the coins grabbed by them in fact disappear once they pass through portals back to their world.

Other than weakening the Kingdom, by limiting the Monarch's power of purchasing stuff, coins taken by the Greed serve to no indirect or hidden purpose. There is no evidence that stolen coins—even if in large amounts—could ever help the Greed in any way.

Fallen into the river[]

Additionally, coins may fall into the river if the purse is overflowing, or if the person holding them has been agressed (usually by the Greed, but also by the boar in Two Crowns). Coins dropped for those two reasons (overflow or agression) may stop by the ground, or continue their trajectory and fall into the water. Both possibilities have roughly the same chance of happening (50%). Every coin that falls in the water is lost forever.


Coin in Europe
Coin in Shogun
Coin in Dead Lands
Coin in Norse Lands
Europe Shogun Dead Lands Norse Lands

Coins found (or dropped) on the ground are big (about a third the size of a Monarch), and are always spinning. They are golden in Europe and in Dead Lands, bronze in Shogun, and silver in Norse Lands. The Shogun variant is the most contrasting, for its elliptical silhouette with a hole in the middle, probably inspired by the first Japanese official coinage.[1] But they all have slightly different shapes, which makes possible to identify their biome just by their contour.

When grabbed by subjects, coins simply seem to disappear. There is a known maximum capacity of coins each type of subject can hold. But there is no visual indication of the amount of coins a subject is currently holding. The minimum is always one coin, because if they lose that one, they return to being vagrants.

When a coin is grabbed by greedling it stops spinning, and it remains visible on the creature's hand, until it passes through a Greed portal.

Coins stored on the bank become very small and form a pile that can be seen during daytime when the door of the town center is open. The size of the pile can grow or shrink as deposits and withdrawals are made. For further details, see Banker § Total stored.

When coins are collected by the Monarch, they immediately disappear from the ground, and start falling on the top right corner of the screen. Just like gems, they are randomly assigned to have slightly different colors that help players to distinguish them from each other.

On that situation they also start to behave as physical objects. Struggling to fit into the purse, coins will respect the gravity rule, the impenetrability rule, and the action-reaction rule.[2] If the purse is far from being full, a coin can never drop outside of the bag. But as the purse is nearly full, even if a lot of extra coins could still be stacked on the top, some incoming coins will begin to fall out of the bag. Those lost coins will reappear in the common world scene (around the Monarch) and will fall into the river.


On the Eighth Day I Fumbled (New Lands).jpg

These are the achievements directly related to coin:

Only dropping a first coin on Day VIII grants:


16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns on Mobile-light.png?format=originalMobile-dark.png?format=original mobile – It's possible to pick up coins from a distance by tapping on them, allowing the Monarch to do things like pick up coins through walls or while running away.

While visually similar to the coins popping out of blocks in Super Mario Bros. games,[3] coins in Kingdom work almost identically to the rings in Sonic the Hedgehog series.[4] They are huge if compared to the main character. They disappear from the screen when they are collected, or they are represented as small objects that can fit in someones hands. They are used as a protection shield for not losing the game. They can explode to all directions if the main character is hit. And finally, if that happens, some of them can be recovered.


Changelog related to other specific actions or subjects (like price changing) won't be found here, but on the article containing that specific action or subject.

Date       Game Platf Version
Nov 3, 2020 16?format=original Switch Logo 1.1.5
BUG: Game cannot recognize the difference between the actions of dropping a coin and paying coin. So dropping coins near coin slots end up triggering the pay command. It will be fixed in an upcoming update.[5]
May 12, 2020 16?format=original Mobile-light.png?format=originalMobile-dark.png?format=original 1.1.3
FIXED: Players are no longer forced to toss a coin for pause menu.
May 12, 2020 16?format=original All 1.1.3
FIXED: Coin slot visibility has been increased in split-screen mode.
Aug 29, 2019 16?format=original All 1.0.4
QoL: On controllers, shoulder buttons now perform coin action which makes the game possible to play with one hand.
Apr 11, 2016 Classic Steam Logo 1.2.0
Collision resolution has been improved to decrease lag with many coins.
Nov 22, 2015 Classic Steam Logo 1.0.4
FIXED: Gold bag collider and coin freezing.

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