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This is about Kingdom: Classic.

Technologies Wood & stone
Statues Archery · Building
Mounts Starter: light brown horse
Unlockable: black horse
Vag. camps 6–8 (3–4 on each side)
Merchant Classic version
Coin chests 2–3 (0–2 on each side)
Win cond. Destroy all small portals and
Survive counterattack waves

The classic land is the only land in Kingdom: Classic and the first of all lands in the Kingdom series.


The final objectives are to:

  1. destroy the four small portals
  2. survive the final wave.

For this the Monarch has to build a very strong Kingdom.

If the Kingdom resists the final wave, the message "The Crown is Safe" appears below the historical plaque reading the number of the day, and then the credits roll.


There are two small portals on both sides of the town.

The final wave comes from the cliffs which cannot be destroyed.


Newcomers to the Kingdom series may find useful the following resources:


This is the current speedrun world record for the classic land.[1]

Player Days Time Date Video
Lumen VIII 30m 13 Jan 2020 🎥


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