Christmas Update (1.2.0, Dec 22, 2016)Edit

"There have been fables of an individual dressed in red running around the place, whatever could it mean? And why do our lamp posts taste like peppermint? You can't really blame us for licking the lamp post, they look too delicious not to.
"A Christmas update for Kingdom: New Lands is now live until the New Year! There are a few secrets in there, too, so happy hunting! We also took the time to tweak the game a bit, so this is an official update with patch notes below.
"Have a great holiday and a Happy New Year!"

Raw Fury[1].

Filled with numerous secrets and interesting changes, the Christmas update did a few things to alter gameplay, until the New Year when it will be reverted.

Santa SnowmanEdit


King wearing the Santa hat and cape.

In most islands the player travels to during this update, it is possible to find a snowman wearing a santa hat and cape. Putting three coins into the snowman will allow the player to don a santa hat and a red cape (for Kings) or a red dress (for Queens). This will also change the color of some of the banners and such to be red and black. It is purely for aesthetic purposes aside from its role with the Christmas Tree.

The Great ReindeerEdit

Great Reindeer

The Great Stag in its reindeer form and Christmas biome.

An aesthetic change to the Great Stag mount, there is a chance it will appear randomly in a plains with a small Christmas-y cottage in the background. The mount itself takes on the appearance of a reindeer, but functions normally. He is required to pick up the Christmas Tree sleigh. The Great Stag and the reindeer version can spawn on the same island naturally.

Christmas TreeEdit

On almost every new island, a large Christmas tree appears in a forest biome on one side of the base. It takes in 17 coins individually to decorate the tree with ornaments, at which point a box will drop from the sky that breaks into a sleigh with presents. It is not possible to pick up the sleigh without the reindeer version of the Great Stag and the Santa clothing (you can still place the ornaments and the sleigh will drop, but it will not connect without both). Once it connects to the reindeer, it will follow behind the player with a snowflake trail, periodically dropping 3-4 presents whenever you pass by one of your men every 10 or so seconds, which turn into coins when picked up. It lasts for a while, earning the player upwards of 50 or more coins, making it immensely beneficial to obtain and profit from. You can easily fill the castle vault from the coins it drops alone (see picture).

Sleigh and presents

Coins dropped in the form of presents from the sleigh on the left. Due to the sheer quantity of coins the sleigh drops before it runs out, it's recommended to stay near the base. The coins visible inside the castle in this picture are exclusively from the presents dropped by the sleigh, which still has more presents to drop in this picture.



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