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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

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Kingdom Two Crowns: Challenge Islands represents the greatest challenge ever seen for hardened veteran monarchs. Can you survive long enough to claim the Gold Crown?Raw Fury [1] [2]

Challenge Islands is an alternative experience to the campaigns (Europe, Shogun and Dead Lands). There are currently four types of challenges, each one with their own custom rules where Monarchs, in only one reign, will to try to accomplish their respective goals and reach the Crown ranks.


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To access a challenge island:

1. Press Esc to open the menu
2. Click "Challenge Islands"
3. Click:

The crowned skull for the Skull island
The greed-citizen for the Plague island
The wolf teeth for the Dire island.

The button with a worker and a worn sign means that new challenges are coming (no scheduled dates revealed though).


Challenge islands is an alternative game mode inspired in the legacy games Classic and New Lands with a tougher roguelike gameplay, with the following characteristics:

  • no Ghost tutorial
  • no gems
  • no unlockables (statues, hermits, alternative mounts)
  • goal is to reach the Crown milestones which have different rules on each island type
  • one reign, no heirs, a single attempt: losing the Crown means losing the challenge
  • single player and cooperative mode.


Dire island.png Plague island.png Skull island.png Trade Routes x2.png

Crown ranks[]

Monarchs will try to accomplish the goals of each challenge and reach the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Cursed Crown milestones.





When reaching a goal, the Ghost will appear to give the Monarch the specific type of crown. Once a player has unlocked a type of crown, it can be seen on this island's menu, even if the game is restarted.


Date       Platf Version
1 Mar, 2022 All 1.1.15
Your ruler will now wear the cursed crown in all campaign settings after earning it in all single-player Challenge Islands.
3 Nov, 2020 All 1.1.5
Cursed Crown milestone was introduced.
12 Sep, 2019 PlayStation Logo
Introduced to this platform.
29 Aug, 2019 Steam Logo Xbox One Logo Switch Logo 1.0.4
Introduced for free as the first major game expansion.


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