Theory pages try to supplement the minimalist Kingdom series lore with speculations based on evidences found in game, on developers words or simply on users imagination. In some sense, these pages also expresse the community need of connecting the dots of these mysterious lands. Below is the first "theory" piece writen on this wiki:

The Kingdom series has no set story, however there are certain bits of lore that hint at things that happened. It is speculated that the events of Kingdom: Classic happened before Kingdom: New Lands and Kingdom: Two Crowns and that at some point a male Monarch built a boat and sailed to the first island where the boat became shipwrecked and stranded the Monarch on the Island where he built a kingdom but died due to unknown causes. There also seems to have been many monarchs before the player whose kingdoms had fallen. The fallen knight next to the battlefield suggests that there was a great conflict against either two human armies or humans and the Greed. The hermits seem to have been living on the islands for years as shown by their old hermit huts. The Greed have no known back story but we can assume that the portals lead to another dimension or world. It is unknown why The Greed attack you.A Fandom user, 24 April 2018

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