The Greed are the grey, faceless creatures who swarm and attack the Kingdom at night. They spawn from the demonic Portals located throughout the lands and attempt increasingly intense nightly raids on the Kingdom and its subjects. They take any and all riches they can get their hands on back through their portals, but they leave people behind, interested only in the material. On Blood Moons, the Greed mount a greatly increased attack on the Kingdom from a single direction, but allow one night's reprieve afterwards.

The Greed spawn from portals found throughout the forest with a single giant portal found at one end of the kingdom in a black cliff face. Each night, Portals are marked as either active or inactive by being lit up and purple or transparent. Active portals shuffle every day at noon to keep the Kingdom guard on its toes. When the Monarch or NPCs approach an active portal, greedlings spawn and attack whatever's nearby.

Other names for the Greed include trolls, demons, monsters, beasts, yucky green imp things, etc.

Defense Edit

The Monarch can set up various defenses against the Greed. Walls can be built to temporarily hold back all ground monsters. Archers can fire volleys of arrows over walls at the Greed or directly at them if encountered face-to-face. They automatically mount towers to gain elevation and better line-of-sight over walls. Worker-operated catapults launch boulders to flatten mass quantities of greedlings but are slow to reload. Lastly, Knights defend ground troops in face-to-face combat against greedlings when the outermost walls of the Kingdom fall. Pikemen impale the greedlings when they get to the wall.

When the time comes, the Monarch can build an army and march on a portal. Townsfolk can pick up a shield at a fully upgraded town hall to become Knights, who upon command will lead an attack force of archers through the forest to the first portal they encounter. When a portal detects it's being attacked, it immediately activates and starts defending itself by spawning greedlings until either it's destroyed or the attackers are dealt with. The Knights focus entirely on defending archers, while archers split their attention between killing greedlings and damaging the portal.

For more information on attacking and destroying the Greed's portals, visit the Portals wiki page.

In Kingdom: ClassicEdit

The goal for the game is to eradicate the Greed from the Kingdom by destroying their portals.

Monster TypesEdit

The three monster types are greedlings, floaters, and in New Lands, breeders (replaced Golems from Kingdom: Classic). greedlings are the basic attack unit, and they make up the bulk of most nightly raids. Floaters are a flying unit that can abduct NPCs. Breeders are giants meant to cause massive damage to the Kingdom's defenses.

Triva Edit

  • The Greed never kill anyone on screen but what happens to the hermits, dogs, and townspeople captured by them is unknown. They never come back and most likely are killed.
  • As seen from the old battlefields sometimes encountered, the Greed might have killed several monarchs and their armies in the past, after stealing their crowns.
  • See Theories for some theories on The Greed.

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