Various Townsfolk

Various townspeople gathered near the center of town.

Subjects are the workforce of the kingdom; some are constructive; some, productive; some, military people hired by the Monarch. Some subjects like archers can be productive and military engaged, depending on specific circumstances.

All kingdom's townsfolk are initially recruited as villagers by the Monarch from vagrant camps. These subjects become specialized with new roles when they obtain the appropriate tools.

Subjects can be attacked by The Greed to have their tools and wealth stolen, and turning back into vagrants.

List of SubjectsEdit

General Subjects
Vagrants People living in poverty and misery at vagrant camps.
Villagers Townsfolk who received money (1 coin) from the monarch to live comfortable lives and are looking for work.
Working-Class Subjects
Archers Loyal soldiers with bows who can defend the kingdom, station themselves at towers, go hunting, or become soldier archers for knights.
Builders Diligent workers who construct and repair buildings and boats, cut down trees, and operate catapults and ballistas.
Farmers Productive workers who tend to crops at fields at farms during the day.
Knights Valiant soldiers whose primary roles are to recruit and protect their company, and are able to launch attacks, or escort boats.
Pikemen Two Crowns – Military and productive subjects exclusive to the European biome. They fish during the day and defend the walls at night.
Ninjas Two Crowns – Military subjects exclusive to the Shogun campaign. They hide in the bamboo forest in the evening to attack the greed from behind.
Hiring Scheme
Vagrant +1 Coin icon Villager + bow (2 Coin icon) Archer
+ hammer (3 Coin icon) Builder
+ scythe (4 Coin icon) Farmer
(5 Coin icon in Classic)
+ shield (6 Coin icon) Knight
+ spear (2 Coin icon in Two Crowns) Pikeman
-1 Coin icon Vagrant
townsfolk w/ assigned professions

Classic Kingdom: Classic
Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns

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