Subjects are NPC's who are the people of the kingdom who follow the monarch.

The majority of the kingdom's townsfolk are initially recruited as villagers by the monarch from vagrant camps. These subjects become specialized with new roles when they obtain the appropriate tools.

A few unique subjects cannot be hired from vagrant camps. They are found in various ways and serve unique roles.

Most subjects can be attacked by The Greed to have their tools and wealth stolen, and turning back into vagrants. The only subjects who don't get attacked are the merchant, the vendors, and the banker.

Also note that, if a subject like a farmer, for example, is not actively doing anything for a long period of time, they will throw away their current equipment and choose another job.

List of Subjects Edit

General Subjects
Vagrants People living in poverty and misery at vagrant camps.
Villagers Townsfolk who received money (1 coin) from the monarch to live comfortable lives and are looking for work.
Working-Class Subjects
Archers Loyal soldiers with bows who can defend the kingdom, station themselves at towers, go hunting, or become squires for knights.
Builders Diligent workers who construct and repair buildings and boats, cut down trees, and operate catapults and ballistas.
Farmers Productive workers who tend to crops at fields at farms during the day.
Knights Valiant soldiers whose primary roles are to recruit and protect their squires, and are able to launch attacks, or escort boats.
Unique Subjects
Vendors Subjects located at the town center who sell tools to the monarch.
The Merchant classicIcon Classic Kingdom Classic only: Encountered in the forest and supplies the kingdom with tools when paid four coins.

newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands only: Returns the monarch 8 coins after a while when given 1 coin as investment.

The Banker / Financier newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands only: Store coins for the monarch safely in the keep. He can also reward additional coins as interest depending on how much he was given.
Hermits newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands only: Reclusive folk found in cottages in the forest who can offer specializations to fully upgraded archer towers.

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