These articles are primarily world-oriented, and don't have to do with any particular in-game entities.

For more game-oriented articles, see: Category:Technical
Daycycle and Seasons Time passes, and the land is inevitably frozen over
Blood Moons Every week, the monsters launch an increasingly intense raid on the Kingdom
Geography Biomes, cliff-faces, & naturally-occurring structures
Islands Details on the progression of new lands the Kingdom can set sail to
Boat The initially wrecked vessel which the Kingdom repairs and uses to set sail for new lands
Portals Details on the apparent mechanics of the portals the monsters come through
Mounts Interchangeable steeds the Monarch can ride, each with a different benefit
Grazing Stamina recovery via ingestion of grass.
Tools The tools of the people, which enable townsfolk to pick up jobs
Coins Currency the Monarch may dish out to control the completion of various projects around a kingdom
Unlockables A map of which islands provide access to which featuers
Christmas Ho-ho-ho! During the holidays, Santa brings his townsfolk gifts

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