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The Greed[1] are the blueish grey, faceless creatures who swarm and attack the Kingdom at night. They spawn from the demonic portals located throughout the lands and attempt increasingly intense nightly raids on the Kingdom and its subjects. They take any and all riches they can get their hands on back through their portals, generally leaving people behind, more interested in the material. On Blood Moons, the Greed mount a greatly increased attack on the Kingdom from a single direction, but allow one night's reprieve afterwards.

One of the key things about the new biomes is that the Greed never change. The Greed is always the same. The Greed is not supposed to be real. It is not technically alive in the traditional sense. When you're destroying or "killing" the Greed (for lack of better words), they're not dying in that traditional sense.Gordon van Dyke[2]

Monsters[edit | edit source]

There are four types of monsters (the last one only appearing in Kingdom Two Crowns).

Greedling h.png
Basic attack unit that makes up the bulk of most nightly raids.
Steal, among other things, coins, tools and the Monarch's Crown.
Can wear masks to increase resistance.
Floater h.png
Flying unit that abducts villagers.
Breeder h.png
Giant meant to cause massive damage to the Kingdom's defenses.
Spawns greedlings and throws boulders.
CStealer ride h.png
Crown stealer
Ultrafast wall leaper that aims the Crown, ignoring coins, gems and tools.

For further details about each one, follow their respective links.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Currently, Greed structures are mostly portals:

Preview Type Location / description
ASPL2 60.png Small portal Scattered throughout the forest
CL 60 100.png Cliff portal On the cliff face.
In Two Crowns it grants access to the cave.
DockPL 60 100.png Dock portal At the far side dock in Two Crowns.
It has a tentacle for extra self defense.

Except in Kingdom: New Lands, where portals always respawn when revisiting an island, the goal for the game is to eradicate the Greed from the Kingdom by destroying their portals.

Events[edit | edit source]

Currently the Greed events are mostly waves:

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Below are some basic guides on how to deal with the Greed:

Defending the Kingdom a guide on how to defend against the Greed
Knight § Assaulting portals the details on how to attack the Greed

Video guide[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Other names for the Greed include trolls, demons, monsters, beasts, yucky green imp things, etc.
  2. In Gamereactor's interview (4′29″). 12th of Nov 2018.

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