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This category gathers all pages related to the natural space and time of lands. These lands generally have two different biome-zones: forest and plains. For the most part, different naturally-generated structures occur in the two biomes. The Kingdom always starts from the open plains at the centre and expands outwards, through the forest to the cliffs.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands and Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – Every land is an island and generally has a dock at one extent of the Kingdom and black cliffs at the other extent.

Forest The biome composed by trees, where deer, some mounts and many other creatures can live.
Plain The open field biomes, where rabbits live and mounts can graze.
Wildlife All animal life worth their weight in gold.
Seasons Time passes, and the lands are inevitably victims of the seasons changes
Day-night cycle The singularities of day and night periods
Decay “You that in far-off countries of the sky can dwell secure, look back upon me here; for I am weary of this frail world's decay.” ― Murasaki Shikibu
Blood Moon When the monsters launch an increasingly intense raid on the Kingdom
Lands / Islands Details on the progression of lands the Kingdom can expand on.
Natural structures All naturally-occurring structures

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