Monarch The ruler of the Kingdom & the Protagonist
Ghost Former rulers whose kingdoms fell to ruin
Mounts Interchangeable steeds the Monarch can ride
Dog A faithful companion that can point out an impending danger once rescued by the Monarch
Vendors Suppliers of tools and weapons to be used by the subjects
Merchant Classic – Encountered in the forest and supplies the kingdom with tools when paid four coins

New Lands & Two Crowns – Returns the monarch 8 coins after a while when given 1 coin as investment

Banker Stores coins for the monarch safely in the keep. He can also reward additional coins as interest depending on how much he was given
Hermits Reclusive folk found in the forest who can offer specializations to structures
Subjects (Category) The workforce of the Kingdom
Constructive, productive and military people hired by the Monarch
The Greed (Category) Monsters who assault the Kingdom nightly in an attempt to raid everything its people own

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