Mill House Here are all the structures built or rebuilt by the Monarch.

Free spaceEdit

Free space is required for Vendor popping and Paired teleporter building.


The vendor spots are fixed and dedicated to them.

(rest to be completed)

New LandsEdit

(to be completed)

Two CrownsEdit

It is sufficiently wide playground not occupied by:

  • Trees, including the undergrowth that regresses after they are cut.
  • Buildings
    • Town center
    • Other vendor
    • Wall, including precursor mound and stub after destruction.
      So abundant as to leave few wide enough spaces.
    • Tower, including precursor rock.
    • Farm
    • Boat wreck, it's dock (not quite to the bell) and the Gem Keeper.
      Vendors have appeared behind nonetheless.
    • Boat bell (very narrow)
    • Teleporter
  • Most Natural Structures
    • Merchant camp
    • Vagrant camp
    • Statue
    • Hermit house
    • Mount "home", each different and often unintuitive.
    • Portal
    • Tech structure
    • Dog trap
    • Rock near the cliff
Generally only the part the monarch can spend on is an obstacle, but it may include the full backdrop.

These do not obstruct:

  • Chest. Plus their forest clearing is wide enough for even the forge, but it may have wall precursors.
  • Farm field. They just get clobbered.
  • Torch

It can noteworthy be :

  • In the forest (background forest, foreground clearing).
  • On a bridge.
  • On the far side dock.


What is known about widths :

  • Teleporters are narrower than vendors.
  • The forge is wider than any other vendor.
  • Other vendors seem to have the same width.


Farm fields also require free space, but have different rules.

They presumably can grow anywhere grass can.

They are know to be blocked by :

  • Wall
  • Bridge

They are know to grow in front of :

  • Wall precursor mound
  • Tower, including precursor rock.
  • Statue
  • Dojo

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