Catapult is a defensive military structure operated by builders, which launch large boulders at enemies to do area-of-effect damage. Catapults are strong against tightly-packed hordes of greedlings. They are also able to kill floaters in one hit as well as deal heavy damage to breeders. However, it suffers from a lack of accuracy much like archers without the statue blessing.


The siege workshop is required to build catapults. It is unlocked at the town hall in Classic and New Lands and at the stone fortifications in Two Crowns.

Classic Kingdom: Classic and New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – The siege workshop appears on the left side of the town center. The building consists of a left half and right half and giving six coins to either side orders a catapult to be built for that respective side.

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – There is one workshop to the left and one to the right, always near each outer wall, and they only appear if stone walls have expanded enough to protect their respective sectors.

A catapult can be purchased there for six coins. Only one catapult per side can be purchased. Once bought, up to two builders come to build it, then push it to the outer wall, then exclusively man it.

Fire barrelEdit

Two Crowns

This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Fire barrels in action (cropped)

Fire barrels in action.

Fire barrel is an extra non-free ammunition available at the siege workshop once the castle keep has been reached on that island.

A single fire barrel can be purchased for five coins. The pile of barrels shows up to six, but the stored number seems to be unlimited.

Once bought, workers roll them one by one towards the catapult near the outer wall on the side they were bought. At the borders they are once more stacked up to be fired into the first wave of Greed causing the ground to catch fire for a few seconds, and do rapid damage over time to any Greed that touches it (similar to the lizard's attack).

Fire barrels are good to be used on Blood Moons or whenever dealing with breeders and crown stealers.


At least one builder is required to craft, move and operate a catapult, but two builders speeds up the operation. Builders are necessary for the catapult to reload, but the catapult launches boulders by itself. E.g.: a loaded but unmanned catapult left in the wilderness will launch one boulder at the Greed without the help of any NPCs.

Builders can only ever move a catapult in the forward direction. If the outer wall is destroyed, they cannot pull the catapult back. Once a catapult is put behind an outer wall, it remains there until a new outer wall is built.

A catapult left outside the outer wall can become a liability as it forces builders to go past the wall to reload the catapult, even when monsters are still attacking.

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – The catapults have an extended range applying less damage per shot.

Remaining bouldersEdit

Most of the boulders thrown by a catapult will get destroyed upon contact with the ground, but some will remain that breeders can then pick up and throw back at the walls and subjects.

Even with this downside, catapults (and ballistas) still remain the strongest weapons against breeders, as boulders (and ballista shots) do massive damage. They do not die in one shot, but they can be taken down quickly by the combined efforts of both artillery and archers.

Exploit: Save-quit-reloading the game makes the remaining boulders disappear.


Date Game Platform Version Change
28 Aug, 2019 Two Crowns Steam Logo 1.0.4 FIXED: Catapults should now behave better in general.
4 Apr, 2019 Two Crowns Steam Logo 1.0.3 BUG: Catapults switching sides.[1]


Having two catapult workshops, one of them would create a catapult that would be pushed to the opposite side of the kingdom, leaving its own original side uncovered. Fire barrels requested there would follow the same path, passing by the town center, all the way to the other border.


8 Nov, 2015 Classic Steam Logo 1.0.3 FIXED: No more damage to Monarchs.


A catapult was once able to knock coins out from the player if the Monarch stood near the catapult when it is firing. If players had no coins, it would have knocked off the crown and if the Monarch was facing the wrong direction, the crown might have landed outside the wall next to one of the attacking monsters. This was the only friendly fire mechanic in the game, but after this patch, catapults can no longer hit the Monarch.



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