Builder (or worker) is a non-combat subject who help the Monarch to build, repair and expand the Kingdom.

Builders can be used to accomplish multiple types of tasks. They are mostly used to build new buildings and upgrade them. They can also repair damaged buildings, such as walls after an attack by monsters, can cut down trees and can build teleportation portals on destroyed portals. Builders will also man and operate catapults and ballista towers, ensuring that they work properly to eliminate large groups of enemies at a time.


The hammer vendor is required to hire builders. It is unlocked at the town center first tier, the campfire. Once unlocked, it appears just to the left of the town's central campfire.

A hammer can be purchased there for three coins each. Up to four hammers can be waiting on the tool rack at a time. When a villager picks up a hammer, he is assigned to being a builder.

Tasks priorityEdit

When the Monarch assigns multiple tasks, builders will act according to various priorities. For example, a task farther from the town center is usually given a higher priority and repair jobs have low priority. The builders do not seem to keep task lists and so jobs do not seem to be prioritized according to when they were ordered.

Most tasks can be done by two builders instead of one, with the second builder rushing to help the first, although this has low priority if there is another task to do. Idle builders will not rush to a task if two of them are working there or heading there already.

Work in the wildernessEdit

When a builder is assigned a job outside the kingdom's outer walls, they will attempt to fulfill the Monarch's orders regardless of whether it is day or night (and so they do run outside of the walls at night), but builders will ignore job assignments that are close to black Greed portals, even if the portals are inactive. When builders completes a job outside the outer walls, they will idle out there if it is day, unless they are given other tasks to do. If it is night, they will walk (in Classic) or run (in New Lands and Two Crowns) back until they are inside the borders again.

Holding coinsEdit

Builders can hold only up to two extra coins for personal defense.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – all subjects, including villagers and builders, will pick up more coins than what they can hold. Those coins grabed beyond their holding capacity are lost as soon as they're picked up, as townspeople will never drop them back. Villagers and builders, as subjects with the lower holding capacity, are therefore those used to "destroying" more coins.


To avoid this, have only a limited number of builders roaming around the Kingdom (for what using the Merchant's services may be inconvenient), and make all newcomer villagers to have a job, in order to increase their coin capacity.


Wandering outside the wallsEdit

This section is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

Idle builders like to wander just outside the outer wall at night. Some of them would skip back to security right before the first greedling hits the wall; some not. Those who do not step back may lose their hammer to the Greed, and this is a bug. In Two Crowns, according to devs, this has been fixed in version 1.0.1 (19 December, 2018). In New Lands this bug is still present.


Date Game Platform Version Change
Dec 19, 2018 Two Crowns All 1.0.2 - R6338 Workers should now perform assigned tasks properly even in long sessions.
Dec 19, 2018 Two Crowns Steam Logo 1.0.1 Fixed that workers would also wander outside of the walls during greed attacks.
Jan 4, 2017 New Lands All 1.2.1 Drastically reduce priority of worker job "idle around catapult", so they will pick other tasks (build/repair) first.
Sep 21, 2016 New Lands All 1.0.2 Tweaked worker's behavior when completing jobs far from the outer walls.
Aug 9, 2016 Classic All 1.2.0 Workers won't work on things too close to a spawner.
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