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A Breeder[2] is a giant enemy that spawns during Blood Moons and after destroying a portal.



The breeder's primary attack is a punch that can knock down swathes of men with a single blow. This leaves townsfolk disarmed, knocked prone, and vulnerable to greedling attacks.

When the Monarch gets punched by a breeder they lose a huge amount of their gold.

Throwing boulders[]

Breeders can also plow through walls by returning discarded catapult boulders. They pick up the boulders that were previously fired with a catapult and throw them against the walls or at the Kingdom's subjects.

A thrown boulder can be as devastating to defensive forces as it is when used against the Greed; it has an area of effect, and it disarms and knocks down up to five defenders at a time. It can even knock archers out of a roofed tower. Luckily, thrown boulders can be blocked by knights standing between the boulder and other soldiers, as long as they are holding enough coins.

Summoning greedlings[]

A breeder vomiting greedlings after the sunrise.

With a sort of vomiting action, breeders regularly spawn greedlings without masks.

Most summoned greedlings will flee when the sun rises, but those summoned after sunrise, if they live long enough, will not flee until the next sunrise.

Mount fearing[]

If the Monarch attempts to ride their mount past a breeder - or the location where one recently died - their mount will rear up in fear for a moment, preventing movement. Riding past a breeder, though sometimes necessary to get to safety, is thus very likely to put the Monarch on the receiving end of a hefty punch!

Crown stealer[]

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – There's a small chance that crown stealers may hitch a ride on breeders.

Defeating breeders[]

Breeders do not flee when the sun rises and they melt into goo after taking sufficient damage.

16?format=original Kingdom Two CrownsFire can be powerful against breeders, as they take much more damage from it than greedlings do.

On Plague Island, breeders that spawn as part of a normal wave will die when the sun rises. Whether this occurs to normal-wave breeders elsewhere is untested. The 1.1.4 patch which made it so that "Large greed will no longer make any surprise visits during the daytime on Plague Island" may have done this by changing the nature of breeders everywhere to die in the aforementioned manner if part of a normal wave. This requires confirmation.

Armored breeder[]


This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

In very late Blood Moons in the campaign, on Skull Island, and on Plague Island after a certain day, breeders wearing a big mask start taking part in the attacks against the Kingdom. Armored breeders spawn greedlings with masks, take a significantly larger amount of hits to be killed, and deal much more damage to the walls.


  • Two Crowns v.1.0.0 and 1.0.1 (PC) – Past day CC (fourth year), breeders start spawning every night in the regular waves; but their speed isn't adjusted to the waves they belong to. They are slow and it takes a while before they reach the outer wall. By the time day starts and archers go outside the walls, breeders finally arrive and kill the troops. Workarounds could be: finishing the game before day 200 or have a good amount of archers to knock down the breeders even outside the walls. Bug also known as "Slow Breeders" or "Desync Breeders".[3]


Breeder in Kingdom legacy version

Back in the original flash game of Kingdom, the first appearance of what's now called "breeder" would simply be a larger version of what is now known as the "greedling". They were all called trolls: the little and the giant troll.

At the release of Kingdom: Classic on Steam in 2015, the big monster would receive a new skin, more like a chunky ogre, and the ability to throw back boulders.

In 2016, a few months before the release of Kingdom: New Lands, the giant would receive its current skin and the ability to summon greedlings. From there, people started calling it the "breeder".

In 2018 Kingdom Two Crowns was released with the same breeder version. And in 2019, with the Challenge Islands update, the armored breeders were introduced.

Below is the changelog related to the breeder on the Steam versions.

For the changes applied to breeders on Plague Island, including mistimed breeders, and breeders dying at sunrise, see the Plague Island changelog.

Date       Game Platf Version
Jan 14, 2021 16?format=original All 1.1.7
FIX: Iron walls will no longer turn into stone after being punched by a breeder.
Apr 11, 2016 Classic PC 1.2.0
NEW: Overhaul the monster appearance.
NEW: Added the summoning ability (making it a proper "breeder" for the first time).
BALANCE: Enemy boulders damage a maximum of five citizens.
Nov 8, 2015 Classic PC 1.0.3
FIX: Sometimes the boulder thrown by the monster wasn't rendered.
Oct 21, 2015 Classic PC 1.0.0

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  1. 1.0 1.1 This is an approximate value, calculated by counting hits in game. It is close to the correct number, but not exact.
  2. Also known as boss, ogre, or giant.
  3. A breeder every day during the morning and Troops thought they were save outside.
    Although some users could refer to this behavior as a simple bad (or even intended) game design, it has little to no chance to be the case, as issues like this have been fixed at least once in Classic (1) and twice in New Lands (1 and 2).