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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The bomb is a deadly weapon used to implode the cave, definitively killing the Greed on that island.

Crafting and pushing[]

A bomb can be purchased at the iron keep for eighteen coins.

Before paying for the bomb, it is advisable to destroy all small portals on the cliff side. And, if the cliff is too far from the town, it is better to build further walls or wait for a truce past blood moon to avoid encountering greed raids on the way.

Building the bomb triggers a cave assault where:

  1. The Monarch (if in co-op, the closest one to the cliff) leads the march to the cave.
  2. Up to three builders push the bomb.

  3. Two squad leaders with their soldiers start following the Monarch.

Arriving with the bomb at the cliff portal, it won't spawn the regular few greedlings to counter the Monarchs' hostile presence; even if the portal is active. Nightly waves, however, keep their everyday routine.

If the Greed attacks the bomb and destroy it before it is lit, the offensive to the cave is dismantled. The explosion of the bomb, in this case, won't harm any friendly units. A new bomb can then be bought to restart the march.

Accessing the cave[]

Once in front of the cliff portal, the builders stop pushing the bomb. The Monarch must then spend five coins at the bomb to be able to enter the portal. The whole escort will follow along with the bomb. In cooperative mode, both players must enter together.

The state of the portal does not matter, including being destroyed.

The Monarch can exit anytime. This saves the escort but ends the assault and the bomb is lost.


After defeating the nest(s) of Greed, the troops arrive at the hive.


Destroying The Cave

Once the bomb reaches the hive, it stops and it's eyes glow.

The Monarch must then pay five coins to light it, which causes:

  • the screen to shake
  • the pool to unleash a last, much stronger wave of greedlings
  • the builders to run for the exit
  • the squires/knights to walk for the exit.

Escaping the explosion[]

Monarchs have only a short time to escape the cave explosion. This time varies between fifteen to thirty real-life seconds, depending on the island. On caves infested with more nests, the times are longer in absolute values, but not necessarily more lenient, if compared to the distances the mounts have to run. The bomb fuse is also a bit longer if monarchs are playing co-op.[1]

Reaching the exit in time causes premature explosion right at that moment, for fake tension.

After the explosion the Monarchs appear in front of the cliff portal, along with the builders, a random part of the escort in whatever state they were in at the time of the explosion, as well as any gems, hermits and/or the dog that were lost to the greed on that island. To recover them though, the Monarch must have escaped the explosion.

A couple of popup sheets display various game stats, then gameplay resumes.

The cliff portal is henceforth permanently destroyed and can not be accessed again. The remaining greeds (if any) retreat back into the nearest portal (or cliff portal if none), and no more ever spawn on the island.

In cooperative mode, if one of the Monarchs does not escape the explosion, they will lose the Crown, but the island is secured, and a new Crown may be crafted by their partner. If the only Monarch in single player or both in co-op do not get out of the cave in time, the island remains secured for their successor. In this case, any gems, hermits or dog spat out of the cave will be permanently lost. If the Heirs visit the cave on that island, they may find its portal open. This is nothing but a visual glitch: the portal won't spawn any greed as that cave is already destroyed.


Date       Platf Version
Aug 29, 2019 All 1.0.4
The bomb is no longer crafted at the forge, but at the keep.
Dec 11, 2018 All 1.0.0

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