Two Crowns The information on this page pertains solely to Kingdom: Two Crowns.

The bomb is a deadly weapon that can be purchased at the forge for 18 coins.

An attack squad will automatically assemble around it upon its purchase. This squad is composed of up to three builders (to push the bomb) and up to two squires/knights, plus their assigned archers.

Once the cliff portal has been reached, you'll have to pay 5 coins to begin the attack. You then enter the portal, and travel into the greed dimension. You and your knights must get through many greed spawners, to reach the heart of the portal. Once you reach the heart of the portal, pay another 5 coins to light the fuse. The monarch then has a few seconds to exit the portal before the bomb explodes.

For more information check The Cave.


  • If you have less than three builders, the bomb will move but slower.
  • The bomb squad will follow your monarch toward the cliff portal, but never in the opposite sense. You can't turn it around and hide it beneath your protecting walls, after it left them; so be careful with the timing.
  • The time before the bomb explodes depends on the island