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This is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

The boat, ship or ferry is the transport used by the Monarch to move from island to island.


Boat Complete.jpg

On every island, not far away from the encampment, are the broken remnants of a ship. The broken ship has a cost of ten coins to begin the project for restoring it to working order. Then the Monarch must buy fifty-nine ship parts at a price of two coins each, costing 118 coins to complete. Each part has to be hammered by builders to be added on the ship. However, if a ship part has been purchased but has not yet been installed, it can be stolen by greedlings.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – Completing the boat construction and embarking on it while it is docked is the victory condition of each Kingdom, except on the Skull island. On the first island the first thirty parts (frames and the first four planks) are free, halving the cost.

Skull Island Skull Island (New Lands) – There is no dock and the shipwreck is not reconstructable.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – All the boat parts are given free on the first island and forty of them on the second, reducing the cost for the hull to fifty-seven coins.

Drop on water[]

Once construction is complete, paying two more coins:

  1. Gives the order for the ship to be dropped into the river.
  2. In New Lands, up to four archers take residence in the crow's nest and on the tower.

  3. Up to three builders assist in pushing the boat towards:
...each builder incrementally increasing its speed while being escorted.
This ship crew will be with you for your next island.

Push to the sea[]

New Lands.png

This section is about Kingdom: New Lands.

Boat Escort.jpg

If there is no more portals on the seaside, the Monarch can order the knights there to escort the ship, by paying at the outer wall banner four coins for each squad (the same action and cost for sending knights to assault portals). Up to four knights and their guard will run off to catch up with the ship, wherever it is, and escort it towards the far side dock. [H]

The speed of the boat depends on the terrain, being greatly slowed by the forest. The speed also depends on the number of builders pushing, with three allowing the highest speed.

If the ship runs into Greed portals during the push to the sea, the builders may stop and the archers will attack the portal (even if it is closed). This can be highly problematic during the later nights if the portal is releasing floaters to protect itself, because more and more archers and builders will always run to the ship to replace those who were abducted, and then get abducted themselves.

Waiting for the boat pushing
Windows – To keep the game running in the background while using other applications, see: Controls § Alt-tab without pausing.

At the dock[]

Once the boat has reached the dock:

  • in New Lands: the builders that were pushing the boat and up to three knights with their company that were escorting it will all board and wait for the departure;
  • in Two Crowns: the builders will be free again to engage on any other task, only boarding and joining the archers after the wharf bell has been rung; and only sailing towards the sea when everybody is on board, including the Monarch(s).

Reinforcements for next island[]

It's possible to request additional troops to board the boat, so they go on defending the Kingdom on the next island. Up to three squad leaders along with their company will engage on this journey.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – If knights have been ordered to escort the boat, up to three of them will board upon arriving at the dock—despite having up to four knights escorting it (the fourth will return back to the outer wall).[H] Once a first knight has boarded, the Monarch won't be able to request additional soldiers. If no escort order has been given, the Monarch can request a reinforcement by paying at the outer wall banner four coins for each squad (the same action and cost for sending them to escort the boat to the dock).

Switch Logo New Lands on Switch – Players should avoid saving and reloading the game at this point. See why.

Wharf bell[]

The wharf bell in Shogun, Two Crowns.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – The Monarch can request reinforcents by ringing the wharf bell with two coins. Up to three squads will head to the boat on the central dock and board it, along with the three builders, if available. There is no need to ring the bell more than once, although it is possible. It's also possible to leave the island with no builders on the boat, if the Monarch forgets to ring the bell before embarking, or if, having rung the bell, they embark before the reinforcements make their way to the boat.

Tip: if you sail to a new land with three knights, two of them will station at the direction of the dock after arriving.

Leaving the island[]


The Monarch must pay ten coins to embark and join the knights, archers, and builders already on board. In a cooperative Kingdom in Two Crowns, both rulers must be present at central dock to go aboard.

Hermits and dog[]

In New Lands, the Monarchs may carry on their mount one hermit to the next island. In Two Crowns, all hermits will rush in a simplified cinematic and board on time. And if the Monarch has a dog, at the last moment it will jump on, and the boat departs.

Greeting message[]

The greeting message in Kingdom: New Lands.

In New Lands, as they leave, they will be greeted with a message stating “The Crown is Safe” and displaying the number of the day on that island. In Two Crowns, the number counts the overall days of the Kingdom, while the message reads “Build, expand, defend.” (the same advice given by the Ghost on the end of the tutorial). A unique music will start playing.

Next stop[]

[This section is outdated for Kingdom Two Crowns.] Once on board:

  1. press ESC to open the map
  2. use ← left and → right to choose the wanted island
  3. when the big arrow is over the wanted island, click the “Continue” button to confirm

As long as the player doesn't skip it, the boat travel scene appears to be indefinite. At some point even the music will end, leaving just the sounds of the sea.

After skipping message, the map of the world will be shown and the player is able to choose where they want to go. If the next island was locked, it will be unlocked with a candid animation of clouds opening and revealing the new land.

Upon arriving at the new island, the boat will have crashed, all the crew aboard disembark and run for the encampment/town immediately.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – If a lighthouse has been built there before, the boat remains intact and everybody, except the towered archers, disembarks on the far side dock. The soldiers run for their respective defense posts, while the builders push the boat to the central dock, where they'll jump aboard again and wait for the next departure.[1]


All gold accumulated in the pouch from the last island are also carried over. Once this is done, the gameplay cycle restarts on a new land.

Exploit – start an island with more than 80 coins

Usually the most obvious steps taken by the Monarch when leaving an island is: go to the dock with a full purse, pay the ten coins to set sail, and leave the island with an almost full purse. There is an exploit to start an island with much more coins than the maximum amount that could ever naturally fit in the pouch.[2] The steps of it are show on the video.

Although it has been recorded with for New Lands, with few adaptations it can work for Two Crowns as well.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – Simplified version (no boarding troops required)

The video above shows a simplified version of this exploit that only works in New Lands, and does not require synchronizing with troops jumping on board. The Monarch should:

  1. drop the coins by the end of the pier
  2. go to a source of gold (hunters, farms, banker) to fill the purse
  3. go back to the dock and pay to set sail.

The process must be completed before the coins dropped on quay disappear. For that, the Monarch can:

  • create a single palisade wall (one coin) to make hunters come closer to the sea side
  • use teleporters to go to the nearest source of gold and return to the dock.

All coins kept with the builders, archers, squad leaders and their company, that travel with the Monarch, will be spent during the trip. After disembarking on the new island, they will have no coins with them. This is more noticeable with knights, because they can keep more coins for self protection. But some archers and builders would even keep the first coin they happen to snatch on the new land, as if they had lost their recruitment coin. This might give the impression that they're stealing coins from the Kingdom. This is not confirmed to be a bug or an intended behavior, but it happens in New Lands and in Two Crowns.[3] Tip: be sure to empty their pockets, before they jump on the boat.

Board and save bug[]

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands on Switch Logo Switch only.

The crew "sitting" or "half buried" in town.

When the crew of knights, archers and builders is already in the ship, and before paying for setting sail, saving and reloading the game at this point may cause the knights, their team of archers, and the builders to disappear from the vessel, and to remain stationary (or "sitting") by the town center, from where the Monarch wouldn't be able to get them back to the ship. If all knights on the sea side were on the boat, hiring new ones would be impossible.[4]

The known workaround is to save the game before the crew of subjects could board. Once they have jumped into the boat, it's better to just set sail and do any break/pause/reload only after arriving on the next island.


Date       Game Platf Version
Feb 4, 2019 16?format=original All 1.0.2
NEW: Wharf bell is introduced to the central dock.

FIXED: Hermits will now properly board the boat if they are purchased just before the Monarch boarding it.

Dec 19, 2018 16?format=original Steam Logo 1.0.1
FIXED: an issue with having hermits as passengers when a remote client pays to embark on the boat.
Dec 11, 2018 16?format=original All 1.0.0
NEW: The central dock is introduced.
NEW: The Shogun boat and dock features a new art style.
Jan 3, 2018 New Lands Steam Logo 1.2.8 - R2116
FIXED: an issue where civilians would disappear, caused by saving after they had boarded the readied boat.[4]
Dec 19, 2017 New Lands All 1.2.8
BUG: Knights and archers disappear from the ship and get stuck at the town center.
BALANCE: No more escorting the boat towards portals.

BALANCE: Only up to three knights can board.

Feb 20, 2017 New Lands Steam Logo 1.2.3
FIXED: a bug of knights walking off the boat after embarking.
Oct 21, 2016 New Lands Steam Logo 1.0.4
FIXED: a bug of a boat part disappearing after saving + loading.[4]
Sep 21, 2016 New Lands Steam Logo 1.0.2
FIXED: several issues.
Aug 9, 2016 New Lands All 1.0.0

"Date" and "Version" may differ for platforms other than Steam.
"All" means all available platforms for the related game at that given time.


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