The Blazon is the Kingdom's coat of arms. Its colors appear on banners and shields around the Kingdom. Every new Monarch is randomly assigned a fresh Blazon. The player can alternatively choose to set the Kingdom's Blazon manually through the game's settings.

Note: The Blazon and its appearance have no impact on gameplay mechanics; it is a purely cosmetic feature.

Note also: The use of blazons is different in Kingdom: Classic. See Use of Blazons in Kingdom: Classic at the end of this page.

Creating the Kingdom's Blazon Edit

Blazon Settings

In the game's settings[1], the player can set the Kingdom's Blazon by typing a phrase with the proper syntax in the text box at the bottom and selecting "Set Blazon". That syntax is:

[1st Tincture], An [Ordinary] [2nd Tincture], A [Charge] [3rd Tincture]

(Commas are not necessary but are included for clarity.)

  • Ordinary refers to the geometric patterns that appear in the blazon's background.
  • Charge is the animal or shape that appears in the center.
  • Tincture refers to the color or metal of the prior feature.
    • The first tincture is the primary color for the Kingdom, and it appears on the King's cape, on the Queen's dress and on banners.
    • The second tincture modifies the ordinary, and it appears on banners and shields.
    • The third tincture modifies the charge.

For example, Navy a saltire white a lion red produces a navy-colored blazon with a white saltire and a red lion. There is a multitude of possible tinctures, ordinaries, and charges for a Kingdom's Blazon.

Tinctures Edit

Tincture Image Tincture Image
Red Blazon Tincture Red Gules Blazon Tincture Gules
Crimson Blazon Tincture Crimson Maroon Blazon Tincture Maroon
Orange[2] Blazon Tincture Orange Or Blazon Tincture Or
Gold Blazon Tincture Gold Tomato Blazon Tincture Tomato
Coral Blazon Tincture Coral Salmon Blazon Tincture Salmon
Yellow Blazon Tincture Yellow Chartreuse Blazon Tincture Chartreuse
Lime Blazon Tincture Lime Vert Blazon Tincture Vert
Green Blazon Tincture Green Aqua/Cyan Blazon Tincture Aqua-Cyan
Teal Blazon Tincture Teal Azure/Blue Blazon Tincture Azure-Blue
RoyalBlue Blazon Tincture RoyalBlue Turquoise Blazon Tincture Turquoise
Navy Blazon Tincture Navy Purpure Blazon Tincture Purpure
Purple Blazon Tincture Purple Indigo Blazon Tincture Indigo
Pink Blazon Tincture Pink Violet Blazon Tincture Violet
Lavender Blazon Tincture Lavender Plum Blazon Tincture Plum
Orchid[2] Blazon Tincture Orchid Fuchsia/
Blazon Tincture Fuchsia-Magenta
Beige Blazon Tincture Beige Wheat Blazon Tincture Wheat
Tan Blazon Tincture Tan Linen Blazon Tincture Linen
Khaki Blazon Tincture Khaki Peru Blazon Tincture Peru
Chocolate Blazon Tincture Chocolate Sienna Blazon Tincture Sienna
Brown Blazon Tincture Brown Olive Blazon Tincture Olive
Ivory Blazon Tincture Ivory White Blazon Tincture White
Snow Blazon Tincture Snow Argent Blazon Tincture Argent
Silver Blazon Tincture Silver Gray/Grey Blazon Tincture Gray-Grey
Sable Blazon Tincture Sable Black Blazon Tincture Black
Thistle Blazon Tincture Thistle Bisque Blazon Tincture Bisque

Additional tinctures[3]:

  • Black, Sable, Grey, Argent, Silver, White, Snow, Gainsboro, Linen, Wheat, Antiquewhite, Darkgray, Dimgray, Floralwhite, Ghostwhite, Lightgray, Lightslategray
  • Red, Brown, Maroon, Gules, Crimson, Indianred, Orangered, Mistyrose, Darkred, Firebrick, Lightsalmon
  • Orange, Gold, Or, Chocolate, Coral, Lightcoral, Moccasin, Navajowhite, Darkorange
  • Yellow, Tan, Bisque, Ivory, Beige, Cornsilk, Goldenrod, Khaki, Lemonchiffon, Blanchedalmond, Burlywood, Darkgoldenrod, Darkkhaki, Yellowgreen, Lightgoldenrodyellow, Lightyellow, Oldlace, Pale Goldenrod, Papayawhip
  • Green, Vert, Lime, LightGreen, Olive, Chartreuse, Honeydew, Springgreen, Mediumseagreen, Lawngreen, Darkgreen, Darkolivegreen, Seagreen, Darkseagreen, Darkslategray, Forestgreen, Greenyellow, Lightseagreen, Mediumaquamarine, Mediumspringreen, Mintcream, Palegreen
  • Blue, Azure, Teal, Cyan, Aqua, Turquoise, Lightblue, Navy, Lightcyan, Midnightblue, Slateblue, Cadetblue, Aliceblue, Aquamarine, Cornflowerblue, Darkblue, Darkcyan, Darkslateblue, Darkturquoise, Deepskyblue, Dodgerblue, Lighskyblue, Lightsteelblue, Mediumslateblue, Mediumturquoise, Paleturquoise
  • Indigo, Violet, Purple, Lavender, Plum, Mediumpurple, Blueviolet, Darkmagenta, Darkviolet
  • Pink, Fuchsia, Magenta, Purpure, Orchid, Hotpink, Darkorchid, Darksalmon, Deeppink, Lavenderblush, Lightpink, MediumVioletRed, Palevioletred

Ordinaries Edit

The articles (i.e. a/an) on the following are required--discluding the last six, repeated-pattern ordinaries (lozengy, chequy, bendy, bendy sinister, chevronny, and five annulets.) A blazon must have exactly one ordinary, so if the player wants a solid background, he or she can choose any ordinary and make it the same colour as the background.

Ordinary Image Ordinary Image
A Fess Blazon Ordinary Pale A Pale Blazon Ordinary Fess
A Cross Blazon Ordinary Cross A Saltire Blazon Ordinary Saltire
Party Per Pale Blazon Ordinary Party Per Pale Party Per Cross Blazon Ordinary Party Per Cross
A Chief Blazon Ordinary Chief A Bordure Blazon Ordinary Bordure
Lozengy Blazon Ordinary Lozengy Chequy Blazon Ordinary Chequy
Bendy Blazon Ordinary Bendy Bendy Sinister Blazon Ordinary Bendy Sinister
Chevronny Blazon Ordinary Chevronny Five Annulets Blazon Ordinary Five Annulets

Charges Edit

Charge Image Charge Image
An Armadillo Blazon Charge Armadillo A Bear Blazon Charge Bear
A Dragon Blazon Charge Dragon An Eagle Blazon Charge Eagle
A Fish Blazon Charge Fish A Hydra Blazon Charge Hydra
A Lizard Blazon Charge Lizard An Owl Blazon Charge Owl
A Snake Blazon Charge Snake A Squirrel Blazon Charge Squirrel
A Stag Blazon Charge Stag A Wolf's Head Blazon Charge Wolf's Head
A Crumps[4] Blazon Charge Crumps An Eye[4] Blazon Charge Eye
A Gronkh[4] Blazon Charge Gronkh A Jack Pattillo[4] Blazon Charge Jack Porttillo
A Kiwo[4] Blazon Charge Kiwo A Sips[4] Blazon Charge Sips

Use of Blazons in Kingdom: Classic Edit

There are various blazons, or coats of arms, which are all randomly generated at the beginning of a brand new save game. They are visible at pause screen and appear in the scenario once the campfire is upgraded to village tents.

The generated blazon can be made permanent by spending 3 coins on the banner. If a player wishes to go back to randomly generated blazons, it can be done by double-clicking on the shield in the pause menu. The blazon becomes once again randomly generated once this is done correctly.

Achievement decorations Edit

In newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands:

There are four common and one special achievement that grant unique decorations to the blazon. These decorations only appear on the pause screen's blazon, not changing any banner in the kingdom's structures. These achievements with their rewarded decorations are listed bellow:

Achievement Requirements Decoration's description Preview
Birth of a Reign Escape any island. Carved leaves on both sides of the blazon. Birth of a Reign New Lands
Interior Decoration Escape 3 islands in a row without losing/restarting. A pair of deer antlers. Interior Decoration
Heraldic Achievement Beat any 5 islands in a row without losing/restarting[5]. A pair of lit candles on metal candle holders. Heraldic Achievement
Crowned Escape the 5th island. A golden Crown on the top of the blazon. Crowned
Skull Island Destory all portals in the Skull Island. Four skulls at the bottom of the blazon. Skulls icon

All decorations are removed if the player starts a new game from the map, except for the skulls and the crown.

Blazon no Decor

A blazon with no extra decoration.

New lands blazon decor

One with antlers, leaves and candles.

Blazon leaves skulls crown

And another with skulls and Crown.

In classicIcon Classic Kingdom: Classic:

The pause screen blazon in Kingdom: Classic also has decorations that are based on the Monarch's success. They appear to persist across different Monarchs, but their connections to achievements are less visible. The crown seems to be awarded for winning 1 game. The carved leaves also exist...

Trivia Edit

Heraldic Terminology
Blazon: The description of a coat of arms. e.g. Navy, a saltire white, a lion red
Escutcheon: The shield itself.
Field: The background of the shield, usually composed of one or more tinctures (see colours & metals below)
Charges: Any emblem occupying the escutcheon, be it a geometric pattern (ordinaries) or a depiction of some beast. In French blazon, ordinaries are called pièces and other charges are meubles.
Ordinaries: Geometric patterns emblazoned upon the escutcheon.
Helm: The helm above the shield, facing dexter.
Supporters: Figures to the left and right of the shield, usually depicted as holding it up.
Mantling: Drapes above the helmet and to the sides of the shield.
Colours: Gules (red), azure (blue), sable (black), vert (green), and purpure (purple).[6]
Metals: Or (gold) and argent (silver).[6]
Chief and Base: Refer to the shield's up & down, respectively.
Dexter and Sinister: Refer to the shield's right & left, respectively.[6]
A bend pointing dexter originates from dexter chief to sinister base. Ordinaries are assumed pointing dexter unless otherwise specified.

Gallery Edit

Please note that the following blazons may also appear in any colours.

References Edit

  1. The major source for the information in this section is the Steam user Bow Vagrant's guide: How to Create a Blazon! (2016, August 18).
  2. 2.0 2.1 Due to a bug, charges cannot have the tinctures "orange" or "orchid"--the game reads them both as "or", as shown in their images.
  3. From Steam user Pink Machine's guide (2017, February 28): Kingdom: New Lands Research..
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  5. Tested in version 1.2.8: the player may repeat islands for this achievement.
    I, Sapador, deleted my save files, started a brand new save game. This process removes even the Crown and the skulls from the blazon. And I got the candles after doing islands 1, 2, 1 again, 2 again and 3, i. e. five islands in a row, without losing or restarting.
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