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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Berserker is a Norse military subject.

Similar to pikemen and ninjas, he is a temporary unit that attacks the Greed during nightly waves. The main difference is that he has no profitable job during the day; he cannot fish.

He wields two axes and therefore can't equip shields for shield walls.


To hire a berserker the Kingdom must have at least a tier two back wall for a potion vendor to show up, from which Monarchs can buy potions that builders can drink to become berserkers.

Once a worker becomes berserker, he will no longer build nor repair. Monarchs should consider the amount of available builders before buying potions.

Similar to pike shops and dojos, potion vendors can appear on both sides of the Kingdom, but each stand can only equip people for the side on which they’re located. Berserkers hired on one side will defend that side only.


At night, the berserker takes cover behind the kingdom’s walls. When the greed begin their attack, the berserkers sprint themselves out into the battle. With their two sharp axes, they jump towards the enemy, dealing blows which knock back and severely damage greed including breeders. Berserkers are very tough and can survive against swarms of greedlings, but can be defeated by a few punches from breeders. They will continue to attack until there are no remaining greed attacking. The berserkers then roar, glow, and sprint back safely into your kingdom.


For upgrading berserkers, see: Berserker tower.


A regular berserker can be seen on the very left sporting axes on both hands and a bearskin cape on his head.


Date       Platf Version
Dec 10, 2021 All 1.1.14
reduced cost from 6 to 3
Nov 16, 2021 All 1.1.13

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