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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Berserker is a type of subject unique to Norse Lands. He is the Norse Lands counterpart to the pikeman or ninja, since he is a temporary unit that attacks during night waves. He wields two axes and therefore can't equip shields.


To hire a berserker you must have at least a tier two back wall for a potion vendor to show up from which you can buy potions that builders can drink to become berserkers.


For upgrading berserkers, see: Berserker tower.


Berserker can be seen on the very left sporting axes on both hands and a bearskin cape on his head.


Date       Platf Version
Dec 10, 2021 All 1.1.14
reduced cost from 6 to 3
Nov 16, 2021 All 1.1.13

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