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The bear can be found near its den in the forest. It is a large grizzly bear that walks at an above average speed, and runs fast in the forest, but has incredibly low stamina, although it regains stamina fairly quickly.

When it runs, it pounces forwards, potentially killing some greedlings or wildlife directly ahead of it. The bear can also safely kill greedlings that are fleeing with stolen coins, tools or weapons.

Although only occasionally a grass eater in real life, this mount also eats grass to regain stamina. Charging past citizens does not injure them.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – The bear is unlocked on the fourth island but can then be encountered on any island.

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – In the regular campaign (Europe and Shogun) it's always on the fourth island, and in the Dead Lands campaign it's found on the third island. It costs three gems to unlock and ten coins to ride him.

Attacking with the bearEdit

Big bear

The bear hunting.

The bear only attacks while running, and any valid target will be attacked. Stamina is used for running, but extra stamina is used when an attack is successful. The bear's attack is actually an area of effect (AOE), meaning that it will land its attack on everything in range. This is different from an archer's arrow, which only hits a single target. A well-fed bear is easily able to destroy a greedling horde in the first few days, giving monarchs a massive advantage in early exploring. The bear is also an excellent bunny killer, especially if your archers are unavailable (all claimed by towers, knights, or if you are in an area the archers do not patrol). Deer are also easy prey, but take two attacks to bring down. The bear can also serve as a wall defender. Careful positioning and timing will allow a monarch to attack from behind the wall into a greedling mass and then immediately retreat. Depending on timing, it's possible to land a AOE attack on a mass of greedlings without taking any damage.

Great Bear (Two Crowns)

Great Bear (Two Crowns)

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – Instead of using extra stamina when attacking, The bear have a separate, three hits poll that it uses instead. This avoids the player accidentally wasting his main stamina when attacking. It's not possible to increase the limit over three hits as grazing will only replenish the pool. If the player uses all three hits, the bear will exhaust as if the main stamina ran out and won't be able to run. Once the extra stamina recovers over a limit the player is able to run again and will keep the graze buff if present. Since the limit for running is a slightly under the amount for the breathing animation, it's possible to have both the tired and graze buff effects play simultaneously.

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