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This is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

The bakery is an un-operated structure built from a high tier archer tower, unlocked by the Bakery Hermit, that can produce bread to attract vagrants from their camps in the forest to the Kingdom, making their recruitment easier, especially on larger islands.


Building a bakery requires the Bakery Hermit to be riding with the Monarch in front of an already built triplet archer tower. Once paid the price of six coins in New Lands or fifteen coins in Two Crowns, all archers on that tower turn back to their routine of hunters, and one or two builders come to build the bakery. Once their work is done, a medieval bread oven along with an empty table for the loaves will be available for use.

Feeding the poor[]

A loaf of bread

At the bakery, the Monarch can purchase each loaf of bread for one coin in New Lands and for four coins in Two Crowns, with the bakery holding up to seven loaves of bread. Bread attracts vagrants towards the bakery at their running speed to come and eat freshly baked bread. This is a fast way of recruiting villagers, as the vagrants may start coming right after they appear from their camps. In addition, it saves the Monarch from having to go outside of the walls to reach any camps there.

The bakery can be built at any tower space but since it attracts vagrants directly to it and since greedlings can steal bread, many Monarchs prefer to have one near the town center.

In New Lands[]

Eating bread does not convert a vagrant to a villager. Instead, the vagrant will stay around the bakery and will keep eating bread at regular intervals until there is nothing left or until they are recruited. If there are no more loaves over the table, all vagrants around it will start wandering away, slowly returning to their camps. In order to save coins, the Monarch can recruit the incoming vagrants before they reach the bakery.

More bread seems to attract from farther :

  • In later islands, one maxed bakery does not attract from camps too far out, but two does.
  • If too much bread is eaten, some camps that were attracted from are not attracted anymore.

In Two Crowns[]

At first the behavior of vagrants was about the same as in New Lands. As of the 2021 Conquest Update, eating bread converts a vagrant into a villager, although the Monarch can recruit them before reaching the bread. More bread on the table seems to attract more vagrants but one bakery appears to be sufficient for even a huge island. Notably, one bread loaf appears to attract one vagrant at a time. A citizen from a citizen house will not be attracted to bread, take this into consideration when replacing a vagrant camp with a citizen house.

Tips for remote recruiting[]

  • In order to save time, the best moment to recruit a vagrant running towards the bakery is when they are very close to bakery, as running vagrants stop running once they become villager. This shortens the time they take to reach the town center if there are no tools lying on the ground.
  • The Bakery Hermit is perfect for bringing to Skull Island (New Lands) or later on new islands since the vagrant camps there are usually beyond the portals and attracting vagrants with bread is much safer than venturing far away and waiting for vulnerable villagers to walk over. It is also safer as the vagrants are not attacked by Greed that are roaming the land, whereas a claimed villager will be attacked if they are not protected.
  • Since running vagrants can be recruited before reaching a bakery, an attentive monarch can attract multiple (potentially infinite) vagrants per bread loaf by ensuring that there are always coins on the ground around a bakery. This is not always easy to do because coins on the ground may be picked up by subjects, stolen by Greed, or disappear after some time.


Date       Game Platf Version
Nov 16, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.12
Eating bread automatically converts a vagrant into a villager.
Dec 11, 2018 TC16 All 1.0.0
· The building cost was increased from 6 to 15 coins.
· The price of 1 loaf of bread was increased from 1 to 4 coins.
Aug 9, 2016 New Lands All 1.0.0

Bread cost in Two Crowns

A couple of weeks after the release of Kingdom Two Crowns, a Steam user made an eloquent request:

Make baker bread turn vagrants into peasants automatically

Baker pulls in vagrants EXTREMELY slowly, and the cost of bread is now 4 gold per piece.

You're going to make bread cost as much as a farmer, and then make us wait around until a single vagrant comes along, to then spend a 5th gold to recruit them, and if we don't wait around doing nothing then they eat through the entire bread supply?

Please consider making this important and very useful quality of life upgrade by making bread turn vagrants into peasants automatically.

To which the developer Gordon almost two years later replied:

Good point about the bread cost. I'll look into lowering it. 

The request was implemented in the 2021 Conquest Update. Meanwhile, since a single bread loaf continues to attract vagrants as long as it is not eaten, the coin cost per vagrant recruited can be decreased to nearly zero by continually recruiting the incoming vagrants before they reach the bread.

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