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The Architecture Shrine initially appears as a small, wooden, church-shaped structure with flying buttresses and a Freemason symbol on its face. When the Monarch pays 7 coins to the shrine, it reconstructs itself into its stone counterpart, and the Kingdom unlocks higher tiers of towers, walls, and the Town Center. There is no way to predetermine the shrine's location, but one is guaranteed in every world, except in the 1st island of newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands.

Also frequently known as the Obelisk, the Mason Shrine, the Stone Shrine, or the Upgrade Shrine.

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History Edit

Date Game Update Change(s)
Dec 19, 2017 newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands 1.2.8 It was removed from the first island.[1]

References Edit

  1. Stone shrine was removed from the 1st Island only says Raw Fury on Steam forum. This change was not included in the patch notes, for what we see dev. apologizing on Reddit.
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