The Archer or bowman is a subject who will hunt animals to collect coins during the day and defend the base from enemies at night. They are the most basic combat units in the Kingdom and are critical to any base's defense throughout the game.

Behavior Edit

Soldiers Edit

Whenever a knight or a squire is hired, they will enlist up to 4 nearby idle archers under their command. Soldier archers always stick with their liege and will attack the portals with them, but do not hunt anymore, nor mount towers. They also escort the bomb towards the Cave.

Towers Edit

Unless they are made soldiers, archers will prioritize filling all available spots on archer towers, starting from the farthest spots, regardless of the time of day. They won't leave a tower on their own, meaning they'll stay on guard, unless they get captured by floaters or hit by a breeder's smash or boulder toss. When an archer is captured by a floater, the nearest archer will run to re-man the tower, even if it means running towards an army of the Greed.

While occupying any defensive position, archers won't actively hunt wild animals, but they will shoot the deer that wander near them.

During the Day - Hunting Edit

When all knights and towers have hired all the archers they can, idle archers will remain. At the beginning of the day, archers will be found at the outer walls. They will split up unevenly so that some of them stand by the wall, while some of them wander to the left and right, both within the kingdom and far beyond the walls, until they reach the edge of a forest. These wandering archers will hunt the rabbits and deer they encounter.

Archers usually avoid going into a forest unless they are chasing deer and usually they don't chase very far. However, archers going into the forest will pay no attention to portals of The Greed, whether they are active or not. These archers may accidentally hit the portals when aiming at other targets (usually deer) and the portals will activate for defense. For this reason it is advised not to build the outer walls too close to portals.

During the Night - Defending Edit

As the night begins, all idle archers will run to the nearest outer wall, to hide behind it. If one side of the kingdom has more archers than the other side, then some archers might walk to the other side to even out the numbers. They will not hunt any animals unless they wander nearby.

When the Outer Walls Change Edit

When the outer wall being defended by archers is destroyed by attackers, the archers slowly retreat towards the next outer wall, although they often stop to shoot. This results in archers stopping smaller enemy breaches while they get overrun by larger enemy breaches.

When the construction of a new outer wall is ordered, the archers will not station by the new wall until its construction is complete. However, they will not stop running even if the new outer wall gets destroyed before they get there, making them run straight into the Greed. This behavior makes new wall constructions late in the day very risky.

Upgrading Edit

All archers (hunters, tower guards and soldiers) will hit far more precise, if the archers buff is unlocked, by donating to the Statue of Archery. Depending on the version of the game you play, this gives the archers a teporarily or permanent buff.


The power of Archers! - Kingdom- New Lands (Short)

The power of Archers! - Kingdom- New Lands (Short)

A short video showing the effects of archers in large quantities during a blood moon.

  • On the steam description for Kingdom: New Lands there is a picture of an archer shooting an arrow at a target.
  • It is advisable for monarchs to not expand too far such that the archers patrolling from one side of the kingdom to another do not take more than half day to reach it and defend the other wall, unless monarchs have an absurd number of archers.
  • When archers are abducted their fate is unknown but they are most likely killed (see Theories for more information.)


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