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An archer tower or simply tower is a Kingdom structures that allow archers to fire from, safe from any monsters on the ground. Neither greedlings nor breeders can directly hit archers on top of towers. This includes the tier one archer tower, as well as the ones on the boat.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – The increased height gained from towers significantly increases the attack range of archers.

Protection and vulnerability[]

For the details on how archers occupy towers, see: Archer § On towers.

Greedlings cannot reach archers on towers. Breeders cannot directly hit them either, however, catapult boulders thrown (back) by breeders can occasionally knock tower archers down.

Floaters are the only monsters able to directly hit archers in these positions. They are the tower's weakness; not only because they drop the bows and the coins from the archers, but they also kidnap any downed archers. The population loss in this case is permanent, as coins won't bring them back to the Kingdom.

Floaters can easily grab archers out of the tower if it's not well defended by ground support or a roof. This is the primary reason why it's unsafe to leave archer towers without a roof outside the outer wall, especially later in the campaign when floaters become numerous.

Placing tower outside the wall for a far distance can be good strategy to diminish the amount of ememies, especially floaters at night. Reasons are simple - it distracts the attack wave and the boulders thrown from breeders shall not push the archers down. Carefully planning the layouts of towers can benefit not only for defense but also for later expansion, but be careful that building and upgrading towers in a distance away from wall can lead to loss of builders when night is coming. (builders runs slower than greeds) To save them, switching mounts into Griffins to shelter the builders from greeds can be an approach.

Tip for Two Crowns – Upgrade your towers to have roofs as soon as (or before) you start encountering floaters.


Tier Cost (Coin_icon) Capacity
Classic & New Lands 16?format=original
0. Boulder pile
1. Rock platform 3 3 1 low
2. Wooden watchtower 5 6 1 medium
3. Stone tower 7 9 2 medium
4. Triplet tower 9 12 3 1 raised
5. Roofed triplet tower 15 3 (covered) 1 raised
6. Quadruplet tower 18 4 (covered) all raised
Classic = Kingdom: Classic New Lands = New Lands 16?format=original = Two Crowns

An archer tower only costs three coins to build, but it gets expensive to upgrade.

Tier 0: boulder pile[]

These are naturally generated in random locations on the island. These piles allow the creation of a tower once all nearby trees have been felled.

Tier 1: rock platform[]

This tower can be built for three coins on any rock pile. It can hold one archer, protecting him from greedlings' charges and breeders' punches. Unfortunately it barely gives the archer any height off the ground, not helping him get direct shots over walls.

Tier 2: wooden watchtower[]

A watchtower can also hold one archer only, but raises them a bit above the ground to increase their shooting range. Being in this tower will help the archer get direct shots on enemies, unless there is a tall stone wall in their way.

Tier 3: stone tower[]

The stone tower can hold two archers, having the same benefits as a second tier tower. Payment to the stone technology in the forest is necessary for the Kingdom to advance to this tier of tower and beyond.

Tier 4: triplet tower[]

A triple archer tower

The triplet tower holds up to three archers. Being in this tower will help the lower two archers get direct shots on enemies, unless there is a tall stone wall in their way. The third archer at the top will always get direct shots on enemies, no matter the height of the wall standing in their way.

Tier 5: roofed triplet tower[]

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – The roofed triplet tower can hold up to three archers and provides shelter which protects them from floaters, thus rendering them almost invincible (thrown boulders can knock them off their towers). Otherwise, this tower behaves near identically to the tier four tower.

Tier 6: quadruplet tower[]

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – The quadruplet tower holds up to four archers and provides shelter protecting them from floaters, thus rendering them almost invincible (thrown boulders can knock them off their towers). All archers are elevated to a height that allows them to easily shoot arrows over any walls.

Special upgrades[]

This section is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

Type Cost (Coin_icon) Capacity Height
New Lands 16?format=original
Ballista tower 6 15 1 builder high
Fire tower 15 1 builder
1 archer
Bakery 6 15 7 loaves
Knight tower 6 15 1 shield
Berserker tower 15 1 potion
New Lands = Kingdom: New Lands 16?format=original = Two Crowns

After that, towers can still be upgraded once with hermits, each of them granting to the tower a completely new purpose.

In order to unlock these, the Monarch must bring the appropriate Hermit from the wilderness back to the Kingdom. With a Hermit riding with the Monarch, triplet towers become upgradable. Upgrading archer towers with the Hermit frees the archers standing guard, as none of the Hermit upgrades require any archers. Only ballista towers require one builder to operate.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – It is possible to change roofed archer towers (tier five or six) to become special towers for the cost of eighteen coins. In Norse Lands, the ballista is replaced with the fire tower, and the knight, with the berserker tower.

Ballista square.png Bakery.png Knight tower square.png Fire tower square.png Berserker tower square.png
Ballista Bakery Knight tower Fire tower Berserker tower



This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.


Building twenty quadruplet towers on a single island grants the "I HAVE THE TOWER!" achievement.

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