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Achievements to be earned by those who strive to make the best for their Kingdom.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns achievements boast something different compared to the previous Kingdom series games. In Two Crowns, there can be two players working together to earn these achievements and some users can earn the same one at the same time (Example: By the Tenth Day: You destroyed a portal), whereas some are still a "personal" based achievements (Example: On the Ninth Day: You held a Gem). As there are two Monarchs, some of these achievements can be considered "easier" to earn with two rulers working together instead of just one.

Steam users can check their achievement progress on this Steam page.

List of achievements[]

Below is the list of all available achievements in Kingdom: Two Crowns.

Icon         Name             Description                 CR Tip

One Day I Did This

On the First Day.jpg On the First Day Recruited eight archers. 77.9%  
As suggested in previous Kingdom games, head to both the left and right side of the land, collect the gold chests and spend them on only archers at the start of the game. By the end of the day, you should earn this achievement. This can be considered easier with two Monarchs as one can go one way, and one can go the other direction.
On the Second Day.jpg On the Second Day You got free walls. 35.5%  
To earn the free walls, the Monarch must build and upgrade the camp to wooden status. Building the camp costs three coins, then upgrade twice to earn the free walls. At the start of the game, the Monarchs can spend their gold on only archers and allow money from animals and chests to collect in their pouches to upgrade the camp.
On the Third Day.jpg On the Third Day You started your camp. 3.2%  
While this achievement might seem difficult at first glance, it's very easy to get. Since the number of Greed is so small during the first nights you can easily pay them off. As soon as a greedling has picked up a coin it retreats to the portal.
By the Fourth Day.jpg By the Fourth Day You hunted 40 or more bunnies. 78.2%  
Cut down lots of nearby trees to allow for grassland expansion and invest in archers. The achievement states bunnies, but some users have reported earning this by using a mix of bunnies and deer.
By the Fifth Day.jpg By the Fifth Day You didn't kill anything. 18.6%  
There are two methods to get this achievement: building strong walls that can last through a Greed attack until dawn or paying the Greed to leave you alone. Both methods seem to work well.
On the Sixth Day.jpg On the Sixth Day You had more gold than you could carry. 63.2%  
Another "easier" achievement to earn, simply harvest as much money as you can in the first few days and allow your coin pouch to overflow. If you're short on money, bear in mind that both Monarchs have their own pouch, so you can give gold to each other to fill the pouch and earn this achievement. You can earn cash from chests, harvesting and even clearing trees, making this achievement go hand-in-hand with "On the Seventh Day" (below).
On the Seventh Day.jpg On the Seventh Day You cleared an acre of land. 56.8%  
Another "easier" achievement to earn, simply send your builders out and clear as many trees as possible to earn this achievement. As trees can sometimes drop two or more coins, you can pair this with the "On the Sixth Day" achievement above by overfilling your coin pouch with gold.
By the Eighth Day.jpg By the Eighth Day You forged a new Crown. 11.8%  
An achievement with a low rate, yet considered to be "easier" once you know how to do this. This achievement can only be unlocked with two Monarchs and requires one of those Monarchs to be attacked and have their crown stolen by the greed. Shortly after attack and loss of crown, the Monarch who still has their crown can walk up to the other Monarch (who must remain still) and spend up to eight coins to forge a new crown on their head. Only the Monarch who forged the crown will earn this achievement and so the other Monarch must either allow the original one to lose their crown, or forge one for another Monarch in a seperate game.
On the Ninth Day.jpg On the Ninth Day You held a Gem. 79.0%  
Another "easier" achievement, simply find a gem chest and pick up a gem from the chest. By day nine, you must still have it in your pouch. If one Monarch has two or more gems and the other Monarch does not own any, the first Monarch can drop a gem for the second and allow them to earn the achievement as well. To find a gem chest you have to travel to the second island.
By the Tenth Day.jpg By the Tenth Day You destroyed a portal. 60.0%  
By day ten, you must have sent an army out to destroy a portal. This requires that you have the ability to create knights to do so, but this achievement can also be sneakily earned by expanding a wall as close to a portal as possible and letting idle archers attack it. Eventually, the portal will collapse and both Monarchs can earn this achievement.

Miscellaneous I

Master of the Sea.jpg Master of the Sea Sail away before day 6! 57.8%  
Get a few builders and many archers. Order builders to cut down trees to create large plains, where archers could hunt and get coins from. There's no need to upgrade the town center beyond the campfire. Put all excess money into building the boat.
I am an Equestrian.jpg I am an Equestrian Ride 4 different steeds on the same land. 55.4%  
To earn this achievement, monarchs must find the Stable Hermit and upgrade a fully upgraded farm into a stable. Monarchs are able to ride previously purchased mounts at the stable and so all that is required is for the Monarch to ride four steeds while still on the same land.
Is a Hermit still a Hermit if they have friends?.jpg Is a Hermit still a Hermit if they have friends? Put 4 hermits on the same boat. 13.0%  
Unlock any four hermits and sail to another island. This is easily done in a normal playthrough, since you get an abundance of gems and you only need one coin per hermit.
I HAVE THE TOWER!.jpg I HAVE THE TOWER! I have 20 max-level towers on a single land.[1] 1.3%  
This is an ultra late game achievement, that can be earned with dedication and strategic planning of resources. For the max-level towers, the Kingdom has to have accessed the Stone and Iron Age, but that goes by itself as the campaign progresses. The first thing to check while aiming for this achievement is the number of boulder piles for all the twenty towers, because this number is heavily randomized when the island is generated. While some players could find the all the spots needed on the third land, others didn't had the same luck on the fifth island.[2] Additionally special tower upgrades, like bakery, knight tower, and ballista do not count. If the Monarch has already ordered a certain amount of these buildings, the achievement might be impossible to be done on that island. Having chosen the island, the Monarch's domain has to be expanded far enough to withstand twenty (or more) quadruplet archer towers (as shown in the icon). Monarchs can store enough money with the Banker and can withdraw cash to help upgrade the towers. This achievement can be done while the player goes for the "Never Gives Up" and "Easter Island" achievements. It can be done before or after clearing all five islands from the Greed, but it's better to do it after, as it can take several days to be completed.
Playing with goo.jpg Playing with goo Escape the cave with your crown intact. 25.8%  
To get this achievement it's important to let your mount recover stamina before lighting the fuse on the bomb. The best mount for escaping the cave is the griffin, since it can graze in the cave and is fast enough to escape even if you mess up.
Pyrotechnics.jpg Pyrotechnics Set fire to 20 greed with one flame barrel. 44.2%  
Easily achievable in late game, especially during blood moons. It's more likely to get it if you buy two flame barrels for the same side, since the greedlings are often closer together in the middle of the wave.
Their Savior.jpg Their Savior Revive a Land after 200 days of decay. 10.9%  
In Kingdom Two Crowns, islands continue to defend themselves after the Monarch(s) have left them, and will eventually fall into a state of decay, in which buildings, towers, walls and such will fall apart. For this acheievement to be earned, Monarch(s) must return to a land 200 days after leaving it. A suggestion for this would be the first land, in which the Monarch(s) would face the least resistance and would also return to the latest (unless needing to return faster). The additionnal decay on losing the Crown (100 days) counts too, which means you just have to visit one other island, then lose the Crown twice and go back there.
Safe Passage.jpg Safe Passage Have lighthouses on all 5 lands. 8.9%  
To earn this achievement, Monarch(s) must attack and defeat the Greed Spawn that resides on the dock/pier, after destroying the Spawn, Monarch(s) can then build a lighthouse and upgrade based on the Stone or Iron Age that they can upgrade to.
Easter Island.jpg Easter Island Clear all trees from a single land. 12.3%  
It's an easy, but slightly tedious achievement to get. It can be combined with "I HAVE THE TOWER!" since it requires most trees cut down anyways. Simply leave the camps intact until enough archers have been hired, then cut those trees down too.
The Student Becomes the Teacher.jpg The Student Becomes the Teacher Beat a portal with a squire. 63.9%  
Make sure your squire is fully payed before you send him out, and either go with him to pay back any lost coins or send two to be sure the portal is taken down.

Defeat the Greed

Beginning of a legend.jpg Beginning of a legend Defeat the Greed on one land. 29.4%  
Stories Have Begun.jpg Stories Have Begun Defeat the Greed on two lands. 22.4%  
Songs Will Be Written.jpg Songs Will Be Written Defeat the Green on three lands. 17.9%  
Legends Will Be Passed Down.jpg Legends Will Be Passed Down Defeat the Greed on four lands. 13.7%  
You have Sealed Your Reign In History.jpg You have Sealed Your Reign In History Defeat the Greed on all five lands. 9.2%  
There Is No Greater Ruler Than Thou.jpg There Is No Greater Ruler Than Thou Defeat the Greed from all five lands in a single reign. 1.5%  
The most important thing to get this achievement is to leave the dock-side portals up. Every portal you take down make the Greed more aggressive, and when too many portals are down it becomes almost impossible to travel between islands. The second most important thing is to have a good steed when destroying the cave, preferably the griffin, to ensure your escape.

Miscellaneous II

Never Gives Up.jpg Never Gives Up Retrieve your crown 300 times. 0.2%  
This achievement can be earned from repeated playthroughs or by intentionally running into groups of greedlings so that they can knock off the Monarchs crown, retrieve and knock off again. A safe and fast way to earn it is to destroy the cave on one island, to destroy all small portals but to keep the dock portal intact. Then, all the Monarch has to do is to empty his pouch and to come close to the active dock portal. It won't release greedlings but its tentacle-like attack will knock off the crown without risk. Repeating the process allows to earn the achievement in about one hour. Doing this on the fifth island allows townspeople to make enough money in the meantime to get the "I HAVE THE TOWER!" achievement.
A Journey Is Better Shared.jpg A Journey Is Better Shared Sail to another land in Co-op 50 times. 0.2%  
This achievement - just like the one above - can be earned by repeated playthroughs. Monarchs can also sneakily earn this one by building Lighthouses on as many islands as possible and then repeatedly sailing to other ones over and over.
Cracked the Skull.jpg Cracked the Skull Overcome the Greed on Skull Island 1.1%  
A New Heir.jpg A New Heir Lose your crown, but not your legacy. 4.3%  
It’s for the campaign. We never saw Crown loss as a bad thing in that game mode so we added this achievement to reinforce that idea.”—Gordon Van Dyke on Steam
Igavania!.jpg Igavania! Ride the Gamigin. 5.8%  
The Four Horsemen.jpg The Four Horsemen Summoned the four monarchs to the land of the dead. 2.6%  

Norse Lands

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty.jpg Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Recruit a Cat %  
Arm the Homeless.jpg Arm the Homeless Convert a Beggar Camp into a Citizen House %  
Above and Beyond.jpg Above and Beyond Defeat the Greed on all 6 Lands %  
I HAVE THE POWER!.jpg I HAVE THE POWER! Unlock all Items of Power (Solve All Puzzles)[1] %  


Date       Platf Version
Apr 28, 2020 Steam Logo 1.1.0 - R9972
Two achievements added with Dead Lands: "Igavania!" and "The Four Horsemen".
Aug 29, 2019 Steam Logo 1.0.4
Two achievements added with Challenge Islands: "Cracked the Skull" and "A New Heir".
Dec 11, 2018 Steam Logo 1.0.0
Twenty eight achievements made available on day one.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The name of this achievement is most likely a reference to the famous quote "I have the power!" quoted by He-Man in the video here.
  2. Shogun variant did not have 20 Tower spots for the ALL THE TOWERS achievement. Reddit. 14 October 2021.