Achievements to be earned by those who strive to make the best for their Kingdom.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands, just like Classic, also has its' own fair share of "daily achievements" that can be earned simply by surviving certain milestones but they also have special achievements in relation to "escaping the land" before a certain amount of time.

Survival achievementsEdit

The guide Starting, surviving, & winning may help users in surviving longer days, but many players find making their own or adapting and changing other strategies to provide the best experience.

Please note that in Kingdom: New Lands, the purpose of "winning" is to set sail and go through the five lands and then escape the last one. Knights, archers and builders can follow you through these lands and aid you in the next. If there are no portals remaining on that side, they will follow and defend the boat until it reaches the docks before hopping in. Because of this, it can be considered easier to attain certain achievements and be harder for others. For example: Don't start a camp before day 3 can be made easier with the extra defense from additional archers and builders, but Day 5's "Don't Kill" achievement will be made almost impossible.

Losing the Crown into the Sea

An easy way to get the longer survival achievements (e.g.: Survive day 100) is to have your crown knocked by the dock in a way it falls into the water. To do so, empty your purse and wait close to the edge of the dock. When the greed comes, they will knock your crown into the water. The crown will fall into the water and float in the air. The greed will try to reach it, but there is an in-game boundary preventing characters from crossing the edge of the dock, thus protecting the crown from the greed and prevent the game from stopping.

After every sunrise the non-blood moon monsters dies and only the blood moon monsters stays. The ones that stay will eventually be so numerous that they will start to stack on top of each other, as if the game could not render having so many monsters in one spot. The in-game boundary extends vertically and the monsters will stack on each other until they reach the top of the screen and jump over the boundary. This should not be a concern if the crown is knocked off far enough into the water, as the fall of the greed from the boundary will not touch the crown.

Steam users can check their achievement progress on here.

Below is the list of all available achievements in Kingdom: New Lands.

Icon Name Description CR Tip
On the First Day I Built an Army (New Lands) On the First Day I Built an Army On the first day you recruited eight archers. 57.5%  
Similar to Classic, simply focus all your resources on purchasing archers and hunting animals. Coin chests are more fruitful too. Note: Some users may earn this by simply heading to a new land after completing the previous one, as bringing archers over counts as "recruiting" them.
On the Second Day I Got a Gift (New Lands) On the Second Day I Got a Gift On the second day you got free walls. 30.3%  
Similar to Classic, buy some archers and wait on top of your camp with a small purse full of cash. Time will pass and you can then purchase the upgrades.
On the Third Day I Lit a Fire On the Third Day I Lit a Fire On the third day you started your camp. 4.4%  
The second hardest "on the day" based achievement, proceed Similar to Classic and focus on luring the Greed away with spare coins. Please note that on New Lands, it is possible to take your knights and archers in a boat with you to the new land. These units do count towards helping you survive so long as you do not light the fire.
On the Fourth Day We Had a Feast On the Fourth Day We Had a Feast By the fourth day you hunted 20 or more deer. 3.9%  
The hardest "On the day" based achievement. New Lands makes it easier as you can start with more archers and money from the previous land and use the stag mount to lure deer towards archers or the bear to kill them directly, making it trivial.
For Five Days I Turned the Other Cheek For Five Days I Turned the Other Cheek For five days you didn't kill anything. 9.8%  
Similar to Classic, despite its wording, it only wants you to not kill the Greed—killing wildlife is fair game. Do it on the first land so you can focus only on one side of the map. Easier with some of the mounts of New Lands which can easily provide you the coins needed to pay off the Greed each of the first five nights.
By the Sixth Day I Was Rich By the Sixth Day I Was Rich By the sixth day you had more gold than you could carry. 47.5%  
Similar to Classic, focus on hunting, chests and deforestation. Note that units brought through from other lands are useful as you don't need to pay for more archers. Money is also transferred through from other lands, but you may need to regain the cost of cash from setting sail.
By the Seventh Day I Cleared an Acre (New Lands) By the Seventh Day I Cleared an Acre By the seventh day you cleared an acre of land. 34.2%  
Similar to Classic, focus on deforestation as much as possible. Note that previous lands troops brought through the boat is useful as you already have a small army of builders to start work immediately.
On the Eighth Day I Fumbled (New Lands) On the Eighth Day I Fumbled Until the eighth day you never dropped a coin on the ground. 5.5%  
Third hardest "on the day" related achievement. Similar to Classic, very little to no differences notable with Kingdom: New Lands in terms of strategy.
On the Ninth Day I First Ran On the Ninth Day I First Ran Until the ninth day you never galloped. 6.0%  
Similar to Classic, very little to no differences notable with Kingdom: New Lands in terms of Strategy.
On the Tenth Day We Fought Back On the Tenth Day We Fought Back! By the tenth day you destroyed a portal. 28.8%  
Similar to Classic, but can be considered "easier" due to the additional troops brought in from the previous land. Knights can board the boat (when sent to do so) from the previous land and can be immediately sent to attack a portal mere days after starting the camp on a new land.
Day V (New Lands) Day V Survive Day 5. 84.2%  
Day X (New Lands) Day X Survive Day 10. 75.1%  
Day XV (New Lands) Day XV Survive Day 15. 65.7%  
Day XX (New Lands) Day XX Survive Day 20. 54.8%  
Day XXV (New Lands) Day XXV Survive Day 25. 42.0%  
Day XXX (New Lands) Day XXX Survive Day 30. 29.9%  
Day XXXV (New Lands) Day XXXV Survive Day 35. 19.2%  
Day XL (New Lands) Day XL Survive Day 40. 11.9%  
Day XLV (New Lands) Day XLV Survive Day 45. 7.7%  
Day L (New Lands) Day L Survive Day 50. 5.5%  
Day LX (New Lands) Day LX Survive Day 60. 2.8%  
Day LXX (New Lands) Day LXX Survive Day 70. 2.2%  
Day LXXX (New Lands) Day LXXX Survive Day 80. 1.9%  
Day XC (New Lands) Day XC Survive Day 90. 1.7%  
Day C (New Lands) Day C Survive Day 100. 1.6%  
Maiden Voyage Maiden Voyage Build the boat and escape the first land before day 10. 11.8%  
As the portal only spawns on one side of the map on the first land, it is suggested just to invest into building the boat and defending the portal side.
Smooth Sailing Smooth Sailing Build the boat and escape the second land before day 15. 6.6%  
Best suited just to focus on building the boat and killing the portals on the side of the dock as quickly as possible, if you have knights from the first land, you can give them coins to strengthen them and attack a portal straight away. (Be prepared for a counter attack though!)
Stormy Waters Stormy Waters Build the boat and escape the third land before day 20. 8.6%  
Once again, focus only on the boat. By now, there should be multiple portals, find the side where the dock is and destroy the portals on that side alone.
Reef the Main Reef the Main Build the boat and escape the fourth land before day 25. 7.7%  
Again, boat focus. There will be three portals on each side. Send knights out immediately and defend the counter attacks, take advantage of the Banker to increase coin gain for more boat supplies.
All Hands on Deck All Hands on Deck Build the boat and escape the fifth land before day 30. 5.0%  
Finally, focus on boat repairs. There will be three portals on either side each. It may be prudent to send early teams of knights whilst focusing on defense against waves.
Birth of a Reign Birth of a Reign Win your first game. [1] 60.5%  
Simply escape one land to earn this achievement.
Interior Decoration Interior Decoration Earn some antlers to decorate your coat of arms. [1] 19.7%  
Escape three islands in a row without losing/restarting.
Crowned Crowned Escape the final land and earn the crown. [1] 8.9%  
Awarded for completing the final land by escaping.
Heraldic Achievement Heraldic Achievement Have a reign that spans five lands. [1] 8.1%  
Escape any five islands in a row without losing/restarting. As islands can be repeated, the easiest/fastest sequence for triggering the achievement is setting sail from islands 1, 2, 1 again, 2 again, and 1 a third time.


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