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Achievements to be earned by those who strive to make the best for their Kingdom.

Classic Kingdom: Classic contains thirty-four achievements.

Steam users can check their achievement progress on this Steam page.

Types of achievements[]

All those achievements can be grouped in three categories:

  • One Day I Did This achievements, that can be earned by performing a certain task on a specific day, or by avoiding a certain action until a specific day. These achievements usually require repeated loading or starting new games to complete, and so it is advised only to go for them once the Kingdom has fallen, and the player is forced to start a new game. But players can, of course, create new games for the sole purpose of earning these. There are ten achievements like these for the first ten days of the game.
  • Day N achievements, in which the Monarch has to survive a certain amount of days. There are twenty achievements like these, the first one being earned at the morning bell of the sixth day, for having survived the day V, and the milestones being reached each five days, until the last one on day C.
  • Safe in N achievements, that require a sort of speedrun style in order to finish the game before the end of a certain day. There are four achievements like these for those who clear the land in 40, 35, 30, and 25 days. Finishing earlier unlocks all the later ones.

List of achievements[]

Below is the list of all available achievements in Kingdom: Classic.

Icon         Name             Description                 CR Tip

One Day I Did This

On the First Day I Built an Army.jpg On the First Day I Built an Army Recruit 8 archers on the first day. 3.5%  
It may prove fruitful to only hire archers and to avoid hiring builders. Herd as many deer as possible to increase gold gain or find abandoned gold chests.
On the Second Day I Got a Gift.jpg On the Second Day I Got a Gift Get free walls on the second day. 6.3%  
The best way to achieve this is to build the camp and farm a small amount of money quickly and then wait on top of the camp for as long as possible, eventually the camp will allow an upgrade up to the point of free walls (tier three).
On the Third Day I Lit a Fire (Classic).jpg On the Third Day I Lit a Fire Do not start your camp until day 3. 3.0%  
Skip the tutorial to be able to drop coins before starting the camp. Then find as many coin chests as possible and drop coins for the incoming greedlings until the third day begins. Once the third day is reached, donate the coins required to start the camp.
On the Fourth Day We Had a Feast (Classic).jpg On the Fourth Day We Had a Feast Hunt 20 deer before the end of day four. 5.0%  
Spend all of the money earned on archers and chase as many deer as possible to the town center for attack.
For Five Days I Turned the Other Cheek (Classic).jpg For Five Days I Turned the Other Cheek Kill nothing until day six. 2.3%  
The third hardest achievement reported by Steam. Despite its wording, it only wants the Kingdom to not kill the Greed—killing wildlife is fair game. Pay off the Greed each of the first five nights. If the Blood Moon is deployed on the fifth night the wave will be bigger, but it will come only from one side.

If willing to combine other achievements in the same run, a Monarch can start the camp, and hire builders and archers. It is feasible, but beware that this will require more work at not letting archers shoot the Greed when night falls. To avoid this hassle, Monarchs can simply survive with coins from the tax and coin chests. If all coins are kept to pay off the Greed, they should be more than enough, as shown in this video.

Remember to drop the coin before the greedling can hit the Monarch, to avoid losing more than one coin per greedling. If everything goes well, the achievement should be earned exactly at the begining of day VI.
By Day Six I Was Rich.jpg By Day Six I Was Rich Have more gold than you can carry by day six. 12.8%  
A fairly easy achievement, simply overfill your coin purse within six days. Chopping trees, killing animals and finding money chests can help with this, spend as little as possible but attempt to invest in archers for a better payoff with hunting.
By the Seventh Day I Cleared an Acre.jpg By the Seventh Day I Cleared an Acre Clear an acre of land before the end of day seven. 7.2%  
Simply hire a few builders and tear down trees in a single direction (for better effect) as much as possible within the allotted time.
On the Eighth Day I Fumbled.jpg On the Eighth Day I Fumbled A nimble ruler will never let his money touch the ground. 2.1%  
The second hardest achievement reported by Steam. The Monarch must not let any coins touch the ground that is dropped by themselves. Money from animals, dropped by Non-Monarch units and chests are fine. Monarchs must drop money directly on top of vagrants for them to pick up immediately. Overfilling the coin pouch and losing money through spoilage will void the achievement.
On the Ninth Day I First Ran (Classic).jpg On the Ninth Day I First Ran Do not let your steed run away before this day. 2.0%  
The hardest achievement reported by Steam. The Monarch must not run at all for the entirety of the allotted time. It is best advised to collect money drops that are close to the town center and to not go past portals as they may activate and send out a few greed. Sticking to woodcutting and hunting may be best for gathering money and staying close to the center is also advised. Units will also gather in the center during night time and walking past a large group of archers then may cause a heavy coin drop so you never need to go far.
The Tenth Day We Fought Back.jpg The Tenth Day We Fought Back Destroy by this day from whence they came! 4.1%  
Focus as much money into upgrading the town as possible and send a knight to a portal as soon as possible, or two for increased efficiency. Please note that the strength of Knights are incredibly weak when they spawn and you can increase them by dropping coins on them to pick up. A knight can hold around six coins each and when attacked by greed, they will drop a coin as a sign of "taking damage". You can follow your knight(s) and drop coins on them as they attack if the coins are lost to the river.

Day N

Day V.jpg Day V Survive past day 5. 55.6%  
Day X.jpg Day X Survive past day 10. 50.3%  
Day XV.jpg Day XV Survive past day 15. 44.4%  
Day XX.jpg Day XX Survive past day 20. 38.4%  
Day XXV.jpg Day XXV Survive past day 25. 32.4%  
Day XXX.jpg Day XXX Survive past day 30. 26.6%  
Day XXXV.jpg Day XXXV Survive past day 35. 20.1%  
Day XL.jpg Day XL Survive past day 40. 15.5%  
Day XLV.jpg Day XLV Survive past day 45. 12.0%  
Day L.jpg Day L Survive past day 50. 9.3%  
Day LV.jpg Day LV Survive past day 55. 7.2%  
Day LX.jpg Day LX Survive past day 60. 5.8%  
Day LXV.jpg Day LXV Survive past day 65. 4.8%  
Day LXX.jpg Day LXX Survive past day 70. 4.1%  
Day LXXV.jpg Day LXXV Survive past day 75. 3.6%  
Day LXXX.jpg Day LXXX Survive past day 80. 3.2%  
Day LXXXV.jpg Day LXXXV Survive past day 85. 3.0%  
Day XC.jpg Day XC Survive past day 90. 2.8%  
Day XCV.jpg Day XCV Survive past day 95. 2.7%  
Day C.jpg Day C Survive past day 100. 2.6%  

Safe in N

Safe in 40.jpg Safe in 40 Secure the crown by making your kingdom safe from harm. 6.0%  
Safe in 35.jpg Safe in 35 Secure the crown by making your kingdom safe from harm. 4.8%  
Safe in 30.jpg Safe in 30 Secure the crown by making your kingdom safe from harm. 3.7%  
Safe in 25.jpg Safe in 25 Secure the crown by making your kingdom safe from harm. 2.7%  
This achievement should be easy once the player has understood the basic mechanics of the game, and has optimized a bit their management of the most important resources: time, gold, and people. It is very possible to finish the game with no exploits or advanced techniques even before day XX. Once this is earned, the player should get all the four "Safe in" achievements at once.


Date       Platf Version
Nov 24, 2015 PC 1.0.5
FIX: Achievements not registering.
Nov 22, 2015 PC 1.0.4
FIX: Day 10 achievement not registering when portal defeated earlier than day 10.
Nov 8, 2015 PC 1.0.3
FIX: Issue where winning on day 25 or less didn't unlock easier achievements.
Oct 25, 2015 PC 1.0.1
NEW: Added 4 achievements (the "Safe in N").

BUG: Winning before day N (e.g. 25) wouldn't unlock the easier similar achievements (in this case, the "Safe in 30, 35, and 40").
Oct 21, 2015 PC 1.0.0
NEW: Introduced 30 achievements.

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